Week #154 ~ True Life Blues

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's voting has been neck and neck.... the winner by one vote is True Life Blues which was submitted as a Bill Monroe tune. I'm not familiar with this tune...

    Found this on You Tube:

  2. OldSausage
    Here's one to watch, with plenty o' mandolin!

    And here's the man himself, very late in life. His mando sure sounds fine though

  3. jamann

    Here's my take on Bill Monroe's 1945 version. Slowed down in my usual way and a bit rough as I kind of rushed into recording this video. Was not aware that this tune was even in the running this week. Stumbled on it this morning and figured I better submit something being as it was one of my suggested tunes. Anyway it's another great Bill Monroe tune from the early days. Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing everyones submissions this week!


  4. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very nicely played, Jamann. Lots of really great licks in this break, thanks.
  5. OldSausage
    Happy Easter, John. Excellent demo of those breaks, and your tone is great as ever.
  6. OldSausage
    Here's mine - this is just what you'd hear from me if the tune came up in a jam I guess, not much working it out ahead of time here:

  7. GKWilson
    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.
    I enjoyed the Jamann and the jammin'.
  8. Rosemary Philips
    Rosemary Philips
    Wow--awesome versions by Jamann and David! Guess I've got some work to do. I'm still trying to figure out Bury Me Beneath the Willow....
  9. jamann
    That was great picking there OS! Your new mandolin is really opening up and is sounding wonderful. Looks like your enjoying it!
  10. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    The "Sausage Standard" is once again upheld! Good work, OS! Jamann, it's always so great to see your renditions of the Monroe style from discreet time periods. That sounded right on to his '45 version! I need to learn this song and find somebody to sing it with....
  11. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    That's got some blues to it, jamann. I like that. OS, sounds great--the "Sausage Standard" .

    I love that break Richie Brown plays in the video from Monroe Camp (well the whole video actually, not a bad break anywhere there). Wake's slidey break is pretty terrific too as is his backup behind the vocals.
  12. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    Both sounding great; just back from an easter weekend away so will get working on it.
  13. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Great stuff OS (as always)... Here's a few ideas that I put together as I was working on the instrumental breaks to this great bluegrass standard. It's a Kentucky KM600, a Simon & Patrick guitar and a Hofner electric bass on this one.

  14. GKWilson
    Michael. Now that's BLUESgrass.
  15. OldSausage
    Excellent Michael, bags full of good ideas.
  16. jamann
    Very Impressive Michael, I agree with OS, lots of great ideas there. I'll have to work on some of those.
  17. justkaron
    I'm LUVIN!! this song and these performances.
  18. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Great playing, Michael, I agree--lots of good ideas.
  19. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    John, I wish I were able to do your 'slowed down' Monroe versions. Great sound.
    David and Michael, two entirely different versions, same high standard, and lots of feel ...
  20. laura809
    Great suggestion Jamann. It looks like you also have the transcriptions in 16 Gems. OS and Michael, I really enjoyed both your versions, and I will probably keep coming back to them for ideas on improvising in the key of A. The intro and first break in my version are simplified versions of the transcriptions in my book. The second break is improvised.
  21. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    That was really great, Laura! Loved the production and your wonderful singing and playing.
  22. nanaimo
    Very nice Laura!
  23. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Had to join in the fun. Here's some Monroe-style ideas in the key of C. Played on my 2012 Duff A5.

  24. OldSausage
    Ooh, that Duff sounds especially good in the high B position there Don, very nice. And what a fantastic job Laura, I couldn't like it more if it was served with maple syrup and bacon! The bassline is very authentic and really works too. I've got that 16 gems book somewhere, I really should look at it.
  25. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Nice one Laura. Loved your bass line -- that walking style really makes the song move along. The mandolin breaks were simplified but that's all right. In fact, when I played in a bluegrass band I'd always memorize the less complicated breaks and then spice them up in performance according to how I felt at that particular moment. I think that's the secret to good improvisation -- being prepared ahead of time. I like your vocals and hope you do a lot more singing because you sound really good (probably with your hot mandolin to accompany you).

    Don, it's always amazing to me to see someone use a couple of positions on the mandolin that I think I know and then to hear something completely different from any thing that ever came out of my mandolin at those same positions. Thanks! (...now it's time to steal some new licks!)
  26. jamann
    Don, Your mandolin sounds great and I really liked your Monroe inspired licks. Very Cool indeed! That will be getting repeated plays and I will be soaking all of that in. Thanks, I really enjoyed that!

    Laura, What a nice surprise! That was joy to watch. Great picking and what a voice! Keep it up. You've got my attention. I'm going to keep an eye for you.

    I must say I'm really enjoying this weeks SAW and all the great submissions so far and look forward to more so keep them coming!
  27. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Thanks guys! Michael, steal away--that's how I got all those ideas. Some of it comes from transposing Monroe's solo in A to the key of C. I really get a lot of ideas from watching everyone's videos here too.

    Laura, I didn't catch the walking bass on my laptop speakers, but once I listened in headphones it came through. Nice! Old and In The Way used the walking bass a lot especially on medium tempo tunes to give them more drive. I like your video more every time I watch it--even the part where your cat walks through!
  28. justkaron
    OhMYGosh! This SAW has gotta be one the best EVER and I've watched a big part of all of them!

    WOW Gang!

    Laura...I'm so impressed and entertained. Delighted. All that!!

    Ya'll can't know how much this thread (SAW ... all of it) means for the Newbies. Sincere Thanks!
  29. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    I feel like i should really spend another week or two on this one, but seeing as a new week's tune will be announced shortly I better get posting and moving on:

  30. OldSausage
    Excellent job, Neil, really well done!
  31. laura809
    Don, you had some really nice licks in that one. i liked the slower tempo because I was able to see what you were doing. Great job Neil. I was hoping you'd do a vocal version to keep mine company. There were some nice ideas in your intro and breaks as well.
    Thanks for all the nice feedback everyone. I was excited when this song won because I had been wanting to learn it.
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