Survey: Instructional Materials for Tenor Banjo and Guitar

  1. Rick Albertson
    Rick Albertson
    I'd sure appreciate your help with this survey. Please let me know - by listing numbers of each category below in prioritized order - which tenor banjo/guitar instructional materials (CGDA) you'd most be interested in purchasing from one of the world's greatest tenor players.


    1. Beginner Instructional Book teaching techniques to play traditional Americana music

    2. Intermediate Instructional Book teaching techniques to play traditional Americana music

    3. Advanced Instructional Book teaching techniques to play traditional Americana music

    4. DVD: 20 Hot Licks (volumes l, ll)

    5. DVD: Right Hand Technique (alternating pick direction, tremolo, syncopation, cross-picking, etc.)

    6. DVD: The Chord Melody Method

    7. DVD: 4-String Music Theory

    8. DVD: Learning to Sing and Play At the Same Time

    9. DVD: Songs of the Gay 90s

    10. DVD: New Orleans Favorites

    11. DVD: Songs of the Green Isle

    12. DVD: Gospel Songs

    13. DVD: Favorite Songs from Broadway Plays, TV Shows, Movies

    14. DVD: Blues and Jazz Favorites

    15: DVD: Children's Songs

    16. DVD: Love Songs

    17. DVD: Patriotic Songs

    18: DVD: War Songs

    19. DVD: Polkas and Waltzes

    20. DVD: Christmas Songs
  2. Chris Hasty
    Chris Hasty

    I don't know if this is helpful to you or not, but I thought I might answer. Like many other players here, I play GDAE on the tenor banjo so most of what you have posted is not very applicable to me. I also do not play Americana much at all and what I do play I have learned by ear. That said, if I were to prioritize for your survey I would include these titles in this order:

    6. Chord melody method
    7. 4-string music theory

    I hope this is helpful to you.

  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    As Chris says above, I too play GDAE tuning and predominantly Irish/Scottish music on my tenors (banjo and guitar), so most of your categories are not of much interest to me, but 5: Right Hand Techniques might be interesting. I'd love to know who you consider to be "one of the world's greatest tenor players".
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    10 and 14... CGDA or GDAE are the same to me - I transpose on the fly...
  5. germano
    Is this something you are planning on creating? All those options also apply to the tenor guitar and would be welcome to both instruments. And YES I think that a tenor banjo should be tuned CGda as intended and 5-string can follow their individual lights.

    I have very recently purchased a tenor guitar and am looking for a reasonably priced tenor banjo to double. I've entered several auctions but, thanks to limited funds, usually strike out. All the 'methods' I can find are aimed at the GDAe tuning. There is a paucity of tenor-anything methods or music.

    My personal choices for either instrument are #1, #2, and #19. I like lively music and grew up in a very small town in Eastern Pennsylvania wedged between a German town and an even larger Polish town thus the love for polkas, laners and waltzes.
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