Vivaldi Concerto for Two Mandolins in G - Andante

  1. Eddie Sheehy
    Here it is with four parts read from the music. Not the best, but if I wait until it's perfect I'll never do it...

    Played on a Gibson A4, a Lyon & Healy Style C, a Gibson H1, and an Ovation doubleneck with the 12-string converted to a 10-string Cittern and played as a Mandocello with octave strings...

  2. aconnormartin
    One of my favorite pieces. Really besides a few alignment issues (with the different instruments and whatnot) This is pretty good! Would you happen to have a place to find the sheet music for this? Thanks so much.
  3. matthew71
    You can get the score from Search for Vivaldi Two Mandolins.
  4. aconnormartin
    Just got the score and im about halfway through it thanks!
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