Week #149 ~ Maple Sugar

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    It should be no surprise to anyone that this week's winner is Maple Sugar... it's been in the lead from the very first day! It was submitted as a Canadian Fiddle tune. I'm not familiar with it, but I've fallen in love with it!

    If there are any with any more input as to this tune, please do!

    What I've found is notation in G and D, and videos of fiddlers playing it in A & E.

    Here is Ward Allen, Canadian fiddler, playing it on You Tube:

    Here is Don Messer, playing it a tad bit faster, on You Tube:

    Here is a link to the tune on thesession.org

    and the abc from that site:

    X: 1
    T: Maple Sugar
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    R: reel
    K: Gmaj
    Bc|:d2 de dcBA|B2 Bc B2 cB| BAAB c2 BA|cBBA B2 Bc|
    d2 de dcBA|B2 Bc B2 cB| BAAB c2 BA|1GDEF G2 Bc:|2GDEF G2 FG||
    K: Dmaj
    A2 AB AFAd| f2 fe d2 cd|e2 ed c2 Bc|d2 cB AFGB|
    A2 AB AFAd| f2 fe d2 cd|e2 ed c2 Bc|1d2 dc d2 FG:|2d2 dc d2||

    I found this link to notation and tab for the tune in A & E... not quite like the recording of Ward Allen or Don Messer, but close...

    Listening to the two You Tube videos, and comparing, they are playing basically the same thing, but in a slightly different format in the A's and B's.

    To my ear, I hear: (correct me if I'm wrong!!!)

    Ward Allen's version
    2 A's in A
    2 B's in A
    1 A in A
    1 B in E
    2 A's in A
    2 B's in A
    1 A in A

    Don Messer's version

    1 A in A
    1 B in A
    1 A in A
    1 B in E
    1 A in A
    1 B in A
    1 A in A
    1 B in E
    1 A in A
  2. fatt-dad
    there are four "tabedit" files of this tune on the mandolincafe web page.

  3. OldSausage
    And there's a previous thread about this tune here:

  4. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    As a Canadian, this tune is part of my DNA, as is Don Messer, whose TV show, Don Messer's Jubilee, was a staple on CBC television for decades.

    A couple of years ago I heard a fiddler playing the Fireman's Reel, a tune Don Messer often used to open the show, and it triggered a surprising, visceral reaction in me. This tune was still in my head somewhere, long forgotten. And the funny thing was, I wasn't really a fan of traditional music when I watched the show (I was into the Beatles). But the tunes stuck with me.

    I remember playing Maple Sugar for square dances in western Canada in the 1970s. At one particular dance in Callahoo, Alberta the caller, who was not used to working with a live band, turned around and said: "too many notes, boys".
  5. mculliton123
    .TEF file for Std Notation and TABs
  6. mculliton123
    http://youtu.be/tjvty2EEi7oMy try from September 2010:
  7. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson
    My first try. Sight read off of a Tabledit fine I found on Mandozine.

  8. OldSausage
    Pretty good for a first try! Good to see you, Michael. I'm probably wrong, but that may be this group's first "The Loar" - sounds nice.

    Looks like whoever put the Ward Allen video together had a bit of an axe to grind: it was written by Ward Allen and Ward Allen wrote it and it's not an Appalachian tune. Okay! I do like the way Ward Allen plays it on doubled strings as thick as cold maple syrup.
  9. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    This is a version pulled from my moth-eaten memory. It was fun to play it again!

  10. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Brilliant Colin! That is the way it is meant to be played. At least that is the way I picture myself playing it. Better go practice. Those doubles make it authentic.
  11. Eddie Sheehy
    I sprained my wrist so I'll just dig this oldie out...

  12. Marcelyn
    Collin, I aggree with Jim, super job, and you've got the feel of this tune nailed. Is that in standard tuning or AEAE?
    Really nice one, Eddie. Hope your wrist gets better quick.
  13. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Thanks Marcelyn! It's standard tuning. All the open strings just ring when you play it in A; it's pretty hard to hit a bad note.
  14. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Very nicely played by all so far! Love the double stops Colin.

    Hope you're able to play again soon, Eddie. Take it easy on that wrist...
  15. fatt-dad
    O.K. so I must have found some tab that was like Colin's rendition. I have a few "practice areas" (ha), but I got a bit of confidence too! Here's "Maple Sugar" on my 1920 Gibson A3.

    (Trust me, I'll practice and get this fun tune polished in good time. . . )

  16. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I totally fell in love with this tune~ Here it is on my Collings MT2O mandolin. I'm not so thrilled about the sound of my foot tapping; if I get the time I may try to record another and be more quiet with my tapping!

  17. OldSausage
    Two inspiring versions from f-d and Barbara!
  18. fatt-dad
    Barbara, I love the tone of that oval hole mandolin! I also like how you are able to start and end at the same tempo. I have a way of speeding up as the tune progresses. This is a fun piece and it gets stuck in my head.

  19. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Well done, everyone -- honorary Canucks all!
  20. jonny250
    well played f-d, Barbara, and the earlier ones too! I agree with f-d - barbara that mandolin sounds nice
    i'm enjoying learning this little tune...
  21. laura809
    Barbara, I could tell you took a particular liking to this tune. That was a fantastic performance, with a nice driving rhythm and a strong finish. F-D, that was a nice full sounding version. I am curious which tab you used. I was looking for tab similar to Colin's version, but don't think I've found any. Maybe I just need to to figure out more double stops for the versions I have.
  22. fatt-dad
    Here's the file name: Maple_Sugar_Osborne.tef It's available through the 'cafe's "tabedit" collection. You can also get it from www.mandozine.com I've pretty much downloaded all of the tabedit files at mandozine (they have a zip file of the collection). There's a lot of music in tabedit. (on the other hand, I know nothing about ABC format and should/will learn more in good time - just haven't had the need until now.)

  23. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    Here is a good arrangment for this tune.

    T:Maple Sugar
    C:Ward Allen
    [eA] [ec][ed] | [e2A2] [e3/2A3/2][f/A/] | [eA][ed] [ec][eB] | [e2c2] [e3/2c3/2][e/d/] | \
    [e/c/][e/B/][eA] [fd][ec] | [ec][eB] [eB][ec] | [f3/2d3/2][e/c/] [ec][e/B/][e/c/] | \
    [ed][ec] [e/c/][e/B/][e/c/][e/d/] | [e/c/][e/B/][eA] [ec][ed] | [e2A2] [e2A2] | \
    [e2A2] [e3/2A3/2][e/c/] | [ed][ec] [e/c/][e/B/][eA] | [e2c2] [e3/2c3/2][e/d/] | \
    [ec][e2B2][ec] | [f3/2d3/2][e/c/] [ec][BG] | [eB][eA] [e/A/]G/A/B/ | [e4A4] | \
    |:z CD | [A2E2] [A3/2E3/2][A/F/] | EC EA | [e2c2] [e3/2c3/2][e/c/] | [eB][eA] [fd][ec] | \
    [ec][eB] [eB][ec] | [f2d2] [ec][e/B/][e/c/] | [ed][e3/2c3/2][e/B/][e/c/][e/d/] | \
    [e/c/][e/B/][eA] CD | [A2E2] [A3/2E3/2][A/F/] | EC EA | [e2c2] [e3/2c3/2][e/c/] | \
    [eB][eA] [fd][ec] | [ec][eB] [eB][ec] | [f2d2] G3/2A/ | [eB][e2A2][eB] | [e4A4] :| \
    |:z GA | B2 B3/2c/ | BG Be | g2 g3/2f/ | eB cB | f2 f3/2g/ | fd cd | e2 dc | BG Ac | \
    B2 B3/2c/ | BG Be | g2 g3/2f/ | eB cB | f2 f3/2g/ | fd cd | e2 e3/2f/ | e4 :| \
  24. woodwizard
    Carl, I really like the sound of that A3 ! Good job ... you too Barbara... Sweeeeeeeeeetttt Actually everyone's sounding great! I am uploading a youtube attempt at this very moment that's very simular to Michael's. Will post later if all goes well
  25. woodwizard

    Well, here's my sloppy attempt ... I'm working on another version now more like Ward's
  26. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    You are truly a wizard! Able to hide the 'sloppy' perfectly.
    Great job everyone. Many good examples.
    I am also practicing the version with the many double stops, but it will only be in slow motion, I am afraid.
  27. laura809
    Thanks for the link F-D. I ended up sticking to version I was working on from jaybuckley.com. I cut out a few notes in order to keep the swing to my rhythm.
  28. fatt-dad
    laura: Sweet! Do you also have an A3? It seems we have pickguards in common.

  29. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Here's another video of the same thing, minus the toe tapping!

  30. jonny250
    ok, here is my attempt; i have enjoyed learning this song this week, but will need to keep practicing it for a while i think
  31. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Here is the tune with what is supposed to be Texas guitar backup as described by Michael Pastucha
  32. Marcelyn
    Jonny, that's a very intricate version and a great sounding mandolin.
    And that is really nice backup MM. You sure picked up that style quickly.
    Here's mine, on my A3 in GDGD tuning.
  33. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    That was lovely, Marcelyn!
  34. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    That sounded genuinely Canadian Marcelyn. Very nicely done.
  35. Marcelyn
    Thanks Barbara and Jim. What a fun tune.
  36. jonny250
    Very nice marcelyn, nicely played!
  37. Francis J
    Francis J
    Great versions everybody, ....Marcelyn, you make that tune flow so well!
  38. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Fabulous, Marcelyn!
  39. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    bit of a late submission this week as i've been busy and was finding this tune tricky, but reckon it's time I moved on to next weeks.
  40. jonny250
    neil that was brilliant, well played i like the ending too.
  41. Marcelyn
    Neil, that's outstanding. I'm glad to hear you say you think it's a tricky one too. I really enjoyed that version. Makes you want to dance.
  42. OldSausage
    Excellent Neil. Using AirPlay I can watch these videos on my tv - that way I can almost feel the heat from your radiator as I listen.
  43. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    If only I could do the same and feel some of the southern / californian heat from others videos then I could really save on my heating bills! I assure you any heat coming out of that radiator is more than cancelled out by the cold coming through the window just out of camera.
  44. peddyrmac

    my late submission. Only got to work on it on Saturday. I love it, but damn, some of the timings were tricky to get to grips with.
  45. woodwizard
    Very Canadian peddymac
  46. peddyrmac
    Great versions y'all.

    Brabara, foot tapping should be mandatory...although i prefer tunes that require a bit of foot stomping!
    FD- I agree that I usually speed up as a tune progresses. I think that its natural in a live environment and can add some dynamics (as long as it's not stupidly fast).

    Neil, you owe me a new smartphone! I dropped mine listening to your version and cracked the screen. Excellent version though. I am off to Morocco for 2 weeks, so no SAW for me til after that. I will be keeping my eyes out for interesting stringed instruments in the souks....
  47. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    My apologies! Enjoy Morocco, it's somewhere I know I will keep returning to due to the music; are you taking your mandolin?
  48. Marcelyn
    Great version, Peddyr. I was late because of that tricky rhythm as well. What a cool trip. I can't wait to hear about the instruments you find.
  49. peddyrmac
    Marcello, I loved the open tuned version you did. If I ever acquire a second mandolin I will try that.

    Im not taking my mandolin to Morocco much to the relief of my wife. She doesn't know my plans to browse for instruments either...
  50. nanaimo
    Let's try that again! Beginner version attempt #2
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