Zappa "Twenty Small Cigars"

  1. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Here is Frank Zappa's (Mothers era) Twenty Small Cigars on Buchanan 10-string. Ctrl-click to download (option-click for Mac) if it won't play.

    I'm using a Ryder soundhole pickup recorded direct from Crate amp head.
  2. Chip Booth
    Chip Booth
    Nice work as always!
  3. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Thanks for listening and commenting. I had a chance to play this tune at a school concert with a bass, trpt, and mando trio. Used my little speaker and tiny amp. Sounds really nice with bass playing along.

    The 10 makes a good all-around instrument for me. We played jazz (All Blues, Night in Tunisia) and Bach solo pieces, and even a Beatles tune (segue from Silent Night into For No One in 3/4). Although I can of course get around more easily on my electric 5-string, the 10 fills the spectrum better, and has more rhythm thump as well as acoustic sparkle. It sounds wonderful for Bach, makes for a good singalong axe, and of course travels easily compared to guitar. And the short scale is much handier than an octave mando or even normal mandola.
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