Ordering a new Heiden, selling the old one

  1. scapier
    Hey there, I've just ordered an F5 from Michael this week, which means I'll be selling old faithful, A-009 sometime in the new year. It sounds great after 17 years, with a bit of road wear too. I've just always wanted an F5, so I'm going for it, but the price of a Heiden sure has gone up in the past decade or so! That's why I'll be selling the A. The neck is more violin like than V shaped too, so for some that would be a bonus. Just letting you all know, if you know of anyone who'd want a good used truly opened up Heiden A.... My recordings are on the mp3 page for good samples of the instrument's sound.

  2. sgarrity
    Good luck with the build. Michael is building me a mandola as we speak
  3. scapier
    Send pictures when you get them!
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