So which one do you have?

  1. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    I have the #3 build, it's an A-5 with a Sitka Spruce top and Eastern Hard Maple neck, back, and sides. I got this mandolin last January based on a small amount of hear-say and after reading Robb's approach/philosophy to building. I have been very happy ever since. The mandolin looks great, I love the sunburst on it and I rather like the satin finish. I also like that he didn't crowd the small a-style headstock with a logo. The mandolin has played great since the day I got it. The sound has always been there, but it has really come into its own over the last six months or so. It is pretty even across all of the strings and has a mellow tone to it. Since I've owned this mandolin, I have diverted pretty much all of my attention to the mandolin leaving my poor Martin guitar neglected. So lets hear from some other Elkhorn owners...
  2. vermin307
    I have mango F5 #17, I love it. Robb posted a video/sound file of my insturment on his web site. My playing is no where his tone ability etc, but that is the best example of how it sounds. Everyone who has heard it, loves it, I couldn't be happier with it.
  3. pjlama
    I have #21, it's a wonderful instrument. I hope more folks get turned on to what Robb is doing, outstanding work for sure.
  4. pjlama
    Robb's coing down Thursday to show me some recent stuff, looks like I may be adding another E-Horn to the stable
  5. pjlama
    I got #18 to keep#21 company, its cedar topped with koa back, sides and neck. It's a real canon, not quite as sophisticated as #21 but a hammer. I'm very happy with both, Robb is a very good guy to work with too, he makes buying a mandolin easy. I got to play four others that were all very good, I'd have been happy with any of them.
  6. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    PJ, I'm green with envy that you live close enough to Robb to be able to try out his mandos a couple at a time! All I get to do is drool at the pictures (and play #20, which eases the pain very well). Do you have any soundclips or videos of either of your Elkhorns? I'd be really interested in a recording a/b-ing them. Take care,
  7. mofiddler
    Recently picked up #18 that pjlama had a few posts above. It is amazing how much more fun it is to practice with a nice instrument.
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