Ellis A Special

  1. doc holiday
    doc holiday
    It's a pleasure for me to ask join this group of Ellis owners.
    #253 sounds as good as it looks. Tom, Pava, Josh and the rest of the great crew make a stunning instrument. The beauty of the double flowerpot headstock inlay on the snakehead which came about from a casual question after seeing Tom's F4 is astonishing.

    Best Regards,
  2. mritter
    Nice photography. Nice mandolin too.
  3. Patrick Sylvest
    Patrick Sylvest
    I'm in serious pursuit of an Ellis A.

    My other choice would me a Collings MT2, as I once enjoyed owning an MT.

    I've never played an Ellis, but I like what I'm reading about them.

    It may be years before I'd have an opportunity to play or hear one, living in Louisiana. So playing before selecting is out.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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