Cercle Circassien (French jig)

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I've just come across this lovely jig, which goes by the name "Cercle Circassien", in a collection of French folk tunes. I know nothing more about it. A quick search suggests that the name refers not to the tune itself but rather to a dance associated with it, which itself is of Scottish origin and goes by the name "Circassian Circle". That name is listed at thesession.org but for a different tune (a hornpipe). That said, this tune does sound awfully familiar -- has anybody here come across it before by another name?

    X: 1
    T:Cercle Circassien
    "Am"E2 A A2 "G"G | "Am"E2 E "G"DCD | "Am"E2 AA2 B | "F"cAc "G" BGB |\
    "Am"E2 A A2 "G"G | "Am"E2 E "G"DCD | "Am"EAB "F"cdc | "G"BcB "Am"A3 ::
    "Am"e2 e efe | "G" dcB "F"A2 B | cAA ABc | "G"dBB Bcd |\
    "Am"e2 e efe | "G" dcB "F"A2 B | cdc "G"BcB | "Am"A2 A A3 :|

  2. Eddie Sheehy
    No, I haven't heard it before but I'm going to include in an "An Dro" set I'm putting together. Thanks Martin.

  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Eddie. There's some background on the dance (but not the tune) at thesession.org (Link). Judging by the number of Youtube clips with the name, this dance seems very popular indeed at French folk festivals, but the tunes played to go with it seems all different from each other and from the one I have recorded. Quite a few of the clips seem to be danced to the John Kirkpatrick tune "Jump At The Sun" (which would make a good SOTW).

    Incidentally, I've also recorded a second Breton tune from the same source which may go well with it in your An Dro set -- this is a Kas a-Barh:

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