1. Richard J
    Richard J
    Afternoon all. I just become a member for the group because I just bought myself a Kentucky KM-172 mandolin. I have never owned or played a mandolin, but after hearing a few people playing mandolins in coffee shops (or on stage), I added "play a mandolin" in my bucket list. I am a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and don't really have 4 "good" fingers but after talking to mandolin players it seems like I can fake a few chords or so. So that's my goal. Wish I had enough money to buy a f-style to start with, but when I get better... so anyway, just thought I would say Hi.
  2. sloanypal
    Congrats Richard! Hope it is a fun and rewarding hobby for you.
    Here is a link to some two finger chords that you might find helpful if you don't already know them...
    Also, Jethro Burns used three finger chords a lot and they're very versatile. Here's a link from Don Julin showing it a little, but it is also covered in Jethro's "Complete Jethro Burns Mandolin" book.
    Best of luck Richard!
  3. Richard J
    Richard J
    Thanks. The 2 finger chords I found already, but I'll print the three finger chords and get a copy of the Jethro Burns book.
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