Thile/Daves at the Borderline Sept 13th

  1. Beanzy
    I shouldn't be going to the Borderline on 13th as I'm up at 03:30 every morning for work.
    But should not is not 'am not' so I am.
    Anyone else going?
  2. Peter Skerratt
    Peter Skerratt
    Yes - I'm taking my godson (he's been playing mandolin longer than I have). Very much looking forward to it - see you there!
  3. Beanzy
    Top job Peter.
    I've convinced a friend of mine to come along who just reckons it's nuts so he'll try it.

    It should be a good one, a rare opportunity to get to this quality and in a venue for 275max.

  4. Beanzy
    My friend has blown out of coming to the gig (so has Daves, what is it about guitarists?).
    So there's a free ticket if anyone wants to use it just e-mail me from the profile link. .... free is good
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