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  1. Mandobart
    Thanks for starting this group Dan. I have an Ibanez M522SBS bought last summer when I took up mandolin. I play several hours a week since I got it, and it is sounding pretty good to me. I've added a Cumberland arm rest and put little rubber grommets between the strings below the bridge. Both of these changes seem to add to the sustain.

    I bought the Ibanez since I have played Ibanez instruments from the 70's and 80's (one of which I still own, a Musician electric guitar). I look at it as a good intro instrument; solid wood and pretty decent finish for the money (paid ~ $300).

    Noticed the Vandals logo - are you from Idaho?
  2. Dan Cole
    Dan Cole
    My first good mandolin was an Ibanez 524. I bought it new as a teenager and still have it. I play a Weber Big Sky now, but still like to play the Ibanez on occasion.

    I'm an Idaho Vandal! I'm from Boise, but live in Montana now.
  3. David Casal
    David Casal

    ive had to wait three months to get that one (M510E-BS) its a cheaper one, i know, but to start picking its good enough for me, i use to play ibanez guitars thats why i choose ibanez mando
  4. KKSwoosh327
    Hey. I'm new to the cafe and trying to find somewhere to connect.
  5. TomWinters
    I bought an Ibanez mandolin about 25 years ago. I used it as my backup mandolin for stage playing. Over the years it spent most of its time in the hard case. A couple of years ago I notice that the plastic was starting to crumble and disintegrate. Even the plastic tortise-shell peghead overlay was bubbling. The good side of this is it allowed me the incentive to do a rebuild on it. If you are interested, it is documented on my website http://www.luthierarts.com under the gallery section.
  6. Bucque
    Hi Gang, I have an Ibanez 524 that in need of a truss rod adjustment. Looks like a 7mm nut, but for the life of me, I can't find a wrench that will fit in the space around the nut. I bought a 9/32 pocket wrench from Stew Mac, but it's too long. Any one with experience on this subject,..?

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