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  1. mandomadness
    Hey everybody I'm new to the group, I have a modified F-5G (2003) and absolutely love it, play it daily. I had the extended fretboard cut off because the constant tick, tick of my pick drove me crazy, I'll post some pics one of these days. I bought a 1918 A2 and had it for a while but had some trouble with the tuning pegs on several strings so traded it in. Kind of regretting that now because the sound that came out of that thing was simply amazing.
  2. G7MOF
    Hi from the UK. I'm a lefty for all my sins and own an A2 1920's and an A4 1921. I'd love an F style but they're like trying to find hens teeth in a lefty version, so I'll just stick with my A's.
    I love the woody sound from the A2 and the rather more refined bassy sound of the A4.
    I've been a cafe member for quite a while now, and only just stumbled across the Gibson owners group.
    Live long and prosper!!!
  3. mandomadness
    I was just in the UK last May with my wife and got the chance to meet and hear Simon Mayor and Hilary James in a small town called Tenbury Wells. I actually played Simon's Vanden, it was amazing. He is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever heard, I couls listen to him for days on end....
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