String balance on Fender FM60E

  1. Buffalo Sam
    Buffalo Sam
    Well, I've got my Fender 5-string now and it's doing what I read about. On mine the 1st string [E] is slightly weeker in tone than the others. The 6th [C] seems alright on this one. Anybody have any advice on how to boost the output on that 1st string. Other than that it's great fun. I'm taking it out to a gig tomorrow [along with my Rickenbacher lap steel instead of the dobro] and we'll try doing an electric set [my partner will play his strat].
  2. Buffalo Sam
    Buffalo Sam
    Guess I'll post a reply to my original post and see if that helps anyone out. After messing with all the amp controls on my two amps and not having much luck in balancing things, I dug out my Boss graphic equalizer stomp box and plugged through that. Boosted the highest frequency to the top, rolled back the next two to settle down the hot 2nd and 3rd strings [still above 0 though] rolled #4 slider off below centre just a bit and centered the bottom three sliders. Voila, balanced sound[at least in my music room]. I'll take it out in public and try it again soon.
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