Who are the MT owners here?

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  1. MT_player
    MTs rule
  2. CelticDude
    That would be me, among others. Had the MT about a week now. Yes, it's a great mandolin. Hard to imagine a better-sounding instrument. - DWP
  3. MT_player
    If you think it sounds good now, just wait till it really starts to open up
  4. DougC
    Yes, I have a MT gloss top. If that's the correct name. I guess a MT2 is supposed to be better but I chose mine over a few more expensive F5's. I've had mine for one and a half years and boy does this thing sound nice now. It's good to compare before you buy. Did everyone do that?
  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I have an MT2-O that I bought almost 2 months ago at Fiddler's Green in Austin, TX. The 'build date' (which is when it's shipped) is Feb 2009. I think it had been in the shop there in Austin for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks when I got it. I LOVE it!

    I wasn't even in the market for a new mando, when I went into Fiddler's Green! They've got a big selection of instruments, from the 'starter' models, to the 'I can't believe someone can afford to buy that!'. I played every mando there. I'm partial to the A body, Oval hole mandos, and most of them weren't those... I kept coming back to the MT2 O, played it in between every other one, for comparison! I even called my good friend, to see if she would talk me OUT of buying it! But, she said "DO IT!", and I did, no regrets! I love it!
  6. DougC
    Hey Barbara, I think that MT2-0 is the only thing that might be better than my beloved MT gloss top. I'd really like to know if you have tried GHS lsb 250 bronze and silk strings on it. I'm gonna post my experiments on strings on the string thread but, I'd really like to see thoes strings on your mando. Well, I'd even like to have your mando at my place!
  7. MT_player
    I went to Mandolin Bros on Staten Island and A/B'd the MT against several mandolins, some cheaper some more pricey. To my ears, the MT sounded better than a few of the more expensive F5 style instruments. I even like the look of the A body more than the F style.
    I'm a happy customer, Bravo Mr. Collings!
  8. Steve Ostrander
    Steve Ostrander
    I got my MT last summer. I would only move it for an MT2 or an MF, and that ain't too likely.
  9. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I haven't changed the strings on my MT2 O yet. Even though I think I play a lot, I usually go months between string changes. It's still sounding good to me! So, you like the GHS Isb 250 bronze & silk's?
  10. CelticDude
    Hello MT Player,

    I also got mine from Mandolin Brothers. They had a used Breedlove Alpine that was the only competition to the MT. Although the Alpine squarely has the looks, the MT just sounded better. Ditto when I A/B/C'ed an MT to an MT2 and the MT2 oval. Very, very close between all the Collings, and I was looking for an oval hole. But the MT is what I went home with.

    BTW I just noticed tonight that Acoustic Music Works has an MT oval!! Talk about temptation.
  11. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    Just got my MT from Morgan Music in Lebanon, MO last Saturday. It sounds great. I've never been drawn to the satin finish before, but the maple is so pretty and the top is just wonderful.
  12. Mandobar
    i have a blackfaced MT as well as a blonde MT. waiting on an oval hole MT
  13. Dustin Greer
    Dustin Greer
    I have two MT's. The first being a sunburst and the other is blonde. They both sound quite different from each other. The sunburst one has a punch and is louder than the blonde. The blonde is mellow and warm. I like them both but would take the sunburst over the blonde any day.
  14. HarveyB

    I just picked up an MT yesterday from Fiddler's Green in Austin. The wife and I played almost everthing they had. They had some pretty sweet, sounding mandos but the MT won out. I am very happy!
  15. Douglas McMullin
    Douglas McMullin
    I have #647 purchased new from Mandolin Brothers in 2005.
  16. Linds
    I just got a 2005 Collings MT off the classifieds here. It arrived a couple of hours ago, and I can barely put it down. It's to die for!
  17. Austin Koerner
    Austin Koerner
    I just joined the MT club. I got a black top with tortoise binding and a sweet pickguard. Number 1799, signed. I love the tone of this thing.
  18. Dan_dolin
    My Collings is an MT2-V bought at Gruhn's about 3 years ago. Great sounding and playing mandolin!
  19. citycountryguy
    I'll add my name to this list... I have an MT gloss top, and an MT2O....totally different sounding mandolins, both great. For me, it is the skill of the player that keeps them from being world class...
  20. Eric Charles
    Eric Charles
    Hi all,

    Let me introduce myself here:

    Long time guitar player (almost all acoustic folk/rock type jamming/campfire type
    music)who bought a cheap Kentucky mandolin two years ago this upcoming May for
    the Strawberry Music Festival outside Yosemite, CA. Had a blast with the switch,
    contributing a different sound to the jam.

    After about 15 months, I decided to take instruction to actually get some skills
    and music knowledge/theory; and have been going faithfully every other week for
    the last 6 months.

    Came down with a case of MAS, after getting decent enough to start to
    understand tone. After shopping locally at Berkeley, CA's 5th String Shop, I took
    home an Eastman 815 in early January, a nice improvement tonally and play-wise
    from the entry-level, laminate top Kentucky. I like that mando quite a bit, but
    felt the tone wasn't quite what I was looking for. After a visit to Gryphon Stringed
    Instruments shop in Palo Alto, CA, I played a number of Webbers and Collings
    mandos. Of all the instruments on the wall, the MT sounded the best to my ears.

    Only two days later, I saw a Collings MT listed in the classifieds here for a good
    price; had a great conversation with the seller and after agreeing on a price, sent
    the payment. Yesterday, the MT arrived, just in time for a jam session with a visiting
    buddy. I played the mando for hours and wow...it sounds just so nice. I am
    extremely pleased and look forward to getting a lot of enjoyment out of the

    Good times, for sure

    I'm also a member of the Song-a-Week social group, but have been too embarrased
    at my videos to post anything. Gonna have to overcome that one of these days

    -eric charles
    SF, CA
  21. Frank T.
    Frank T.
    I am new to the group. I've got an MT and an MF and love them both. It was a long road...I've gone through about 10 mandolins ( Eastmans, Gibsons, etc...) before trying a Collings. The Collings, especially the MT, speaks to me better than all others. Everyone who plays my MT falls in love with it immediately.

    I now only own these two mandolins and have been cured of MAS.
  22. MikeF
    I'm also new to the group. I bought a Breedlove OF awhile ago as a compromise...I didn't think my playing had earned a Collings yet, if you know what I mean. But then I saw a nice deal for an MT on the classifieds here and couldn't say no. The OF is very nice, but I'll be letting it go...oh and I have a Michael Kelly also which I'm fond of, but I think it will be going also...

    The MT may be the last quality mando I need...I have MAS bad but luckily it concentrates on project bowlbacks which I tinker with.

  23. disguiseglasses
    I'm trying to decide between a used MT and an MT-O for solo and duo work. Could I gather some opinions from you all about how the MT might fit tonally in a small group setting? The Collings' that I've played I've always liked (lived in Austin for a three month stint and LOVED visiting Fiddler's Green) but, now that I'm back in Colorado, my judgement is biased on aesthetics. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Jim P.
    Jim P.
    New group member here. After much searching and opinion gathering (who knew musicians were so opinionated?..LOL) not to mention mental coin flipping, I've ordered a Collings MTO from Maple leaf music in Brattleboro, Vermont. It's the model with sunburst, flat finish, tortoise binding and an Engelmann top. And it has the wider finger board which I need. Transaction should be completed by next week and I'm on edge until I get my hands on it.
  25. Mandoralph
    As of two days ago i'm an MT owner exploring my new toy. I predict a long friendship. I purchased it from Elderly's. It's SN 2342 with ivoroid binding and glossy top.
  26. frshwtrbob
    I'm the proud 2nd owner of a Collings MT gloss top, ivory bound, 'burst finished SN#1784 & I'm glad to be hear... finally. Many adjectives that have been used by previous members come to mind when I play - even the descriptions of the smell. I keep sayin': "So THATS what they meant!" You people nailed it...and now I got one. Ha.
  27. Tom Sanderson
    Tom Sanderson
    I just bought a MT Mandola. I'm loving it.
  28. FrDNicholas
    I've had my MT for about 2 years after having a 23 Gibson A 4 for 25 years. My family was astonished when I announced the desire to sell my Gibson and buy, first of all a non-vintage instrument and then, an F hole. I couldn't be happier with the MT as far as the sound and playability goes. It's just a beautiful mandolin. My only slight problems are the silk finish which seems to show my finger marks alot, and the changing strings, which has been addressed in other posts. Other than that, I can't wait to play it every chance I get.
  29. Tom Sanderson
    Tom Sanderson
    I just bought a new MT Honey Amber Gloss Top Mandolin. It's an exact match to my MT Mandola
  30. Baboon
    I love my MT and all my friends love how it sounds. I bought it new. I've had it for about a year.
  31. Richard Eskite
    Richard Eskite
    I just got one, myself, after playing Asian imports for the last year. Bought it at Mandolin Brothers, which was quite a journey from San Francisco. The owner said we must have used every mode of conveyance but dogsled to get there. Close to that, certainly trains, planes automobiles and ferryboats! If it cost a little more, it was certainly worth it. That is one great store and Stan treated my wife and me very courteously. I got to play everything he had hanging on the wall, including some really nice Gibson A models, but I kept coming back to the MT...I love the instrument. I'm still plumbing its depths.
  32. RobP
    I bought one last Saturday at Mackenzie River Music in Eugene, OR. Honey Amber Gloss top. I went and played it for an hour a couple weeks ago and loved it. I want back on Saturday and still loved it, so I bought it. I was torn between this brand-new instrument and a used one from the cafe, but since I got to play this specific instrument I just went for it. Plus I'm turning 50 on 5/21 and thought I would treat myself.

    Kinda has that "new car" smell!
  33. mfeuerst
    I've had an MT satin with Ivoroid top bining for a couple of weeks now and MAS is mostly under control, at least for A styles. Very nice instrument.
  34. Londy
    I have just placed an order with Acoustic Music Vibes for a Collings MTO Black face with flamed back and sides. This is my first "real" mandolin. I am so excited about this and what it will do to my musical ability. This will be a game changer for me!
  35. NWRambler
    I have been the proud owner of a gloss top MT for nearly 4 years now and I could not be more satisfied. I have played hundreds of mandolins over the past few years (including instruments made by Gibson, Weber, Ellis, Dearborn, Breedlove, and Collings), and can honestly say that my MT is the best sounding/playing mandolin I have played.
  36. Leigh Coates
    Leigh Coates
    I have an MT-O gloss top that I bought several months ago. It's the nicest thing I own, period. It's perfection. I bought it mail order from The 12th Fret in Toronto.
  37. Londy
    I have a custom order MTO gloss top that I waited 5 months for. I must say, this is the dark, jazz/blues sound I have been looking for. It was not easy to make this purchase because there are not many shops in Ohio that i can go to and play different I instruments. I found one video online and when I heard it I knew it was the one. Collings is a trusted name/builder so order I ordered sight unseen-unplayed. Glad I did.
  38. Rick E Vengeance
    Rick E Vengeance
    Just got an MT from the Mandolin Store (excellent service I have to say), things are a bit bleak for mando options Down Under, but even with a $100 postage charge it's still tons cheaper to buy from overseas. I'm primarily a guitar player (acoustic Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Leadbelly) but I've noodled on mando for ages. My wife bought me a National 1930 model 1 in our courting days which is great for jugband-loud-and-obnoxious stuff but I decided I needed a wooden one.

    About 20 years ago I had a Gilchrist but sold that & before you go WT?, it was Gilchist #7 his first attempt at an F4 before he went to the States & became, well, Glichrist. It was rough as guts, the finish looked as if he had a vat of lacquer & just dipped it in a couple of times. Most of the wood was from the local hardware store & the tuning heads overhung the neck, it played & sounded OK but was nothing to write home about. I asked Steve if he could fix it up a bit but he was way to busy to muck around with one of his student models. The fellow I sold it to hounded Steve for about 10 years & eventually he gave in, refinished the top & set it up, sounds nice & plunky, I see it every few months & yes, there's a bit of nostalgia, but it went to the person it should have gone to & is being used constantly.

    At the end of 2011 I bought myself a basic The Loar 520 & this did me good for about a year while I checked all the mandos I could. I realised I didn't need an F, I'm not a blugrass player, Old-Tyme & Celtic is my bag, I checked out a friends MT a couple of months ago & now I own one, excellent machine. It should be well played in by the end of next year when I'll hand it over to my wife who's currently noodling very well on a no-name Chinese model, amazing what you can get for a $100 noob instrument nowadays. At that time I will hopefully be the owner of a Gilchrist N1, he's still working on his new house & won't start the next batch till the new year, but the Collings is going to stay in the family.
  39. bookmn
    I've had my black top MT O for several months now and couldn't be more pleased. Great instrument!
  40. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Hi Everyone,

    I bought a used Collings MT just recently. I similarly have gone through a lot of mandolins in the last two years. I am really impressed with its tone and playability. I like Rick E Vengeance play music in a variety of genres so I don't need an F5 even though I love playing OT fiddle tunes on the mandolin.

    Its a satin finished model with ivoroid binding around the edge of the top. The Engelmann Spruce wood on the top is superlative and the back is great too. So I agree with you all that reckon the MT is a great mandolin and matches it with the best out there. I will post some pics soon.
  41. Jake Biddix
    Jake Biddix
    Hello all!
    I am the 2nd owner of a 2005 MT originally bought from Gruhn's Guitars. I simply can't say enough about it. Sunburst, flat finish, tortoise binding and an Engelmann top. It had a repaired crack on the top near the bass F-hole, but it seems stable and the sound is unaffected from what I can tell. That crack also helped me negotiate a really good price on it. I own a Redline Traveler, an Eastman MD315, and a MandoStrat as well, but the MT is the top of the pile hands down. Hope to pick on it till I die.
  42. dreadhead
    I just bought an MT2 Black Top around two hours ago from The Mando Shop! I started out with a Carlson signed Flat Iron A5jr back around 1989, but only taught myself some of the basic chords and learned simple melodies from some tab books. I ended up trading that mandolin for a banjo in 1998 & didn't get another mandolin until 2004. That was an inexpensive Elvenwood. Although it wasn't a very good mandolin, the action was perfect and I got into playing the mandolin more than I ever did with that Flat Iron. I've been slowly working my way back up to a really good quality mando... I currently am playing a The Loar 600VS which has been nice, but the MT2 should be a huge step up. The tough part is that I live in France and won't be able to play it until May when I visit my family in North Carolina.
  43. MSGrady20
    I happily became an MT owner today (legally when I put the check into the owners hand this Saturday)!
  44. Rich White
    Rich White
    I just bought a new Collings MT from the Mandolin Store yesterday. I had a chance to visit the store while in Phoenix on business, so I got to try out a lot of great mandolins in the same price range. The MT I picked out has a wonderful, open sound, very woody, and plenty of volume. I like the wider frets and the thing plays so easily.

    I will get a picture or two up on in the next few days.

  45. Russ Donahue
    Russ Donahue
    Hi Folks.
    I have a beautiful MF with a one piece back, a cannon of an MT and a very sweet MT-O. A pattern? Sort of, though I play a Fylde Irish Bouzouki as well!
  46. colorado_al
    I traded a Kentucky KM-1050 for a Custom Collings MT. Hand polished. I think I got the better part of the deal!
    The tuning machines needed to be replaced and StewMac sent me a set of replacement Golden Age machines for free, but I opted to upgrade to Rubner tuners. I play it with D'addario EFW74 strings and the round side of the nylon Dunlop Big Stubby 2.0mm pick. I've also added a McClung armrest courtesy of Doug Edwards at http://hillcountrystringworks.com/

  47. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Just put $$ down on a 2012 Collings MT-O, gloss top, black with sunburst sides and back - can't wait to get my hands on it!
  48. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    The MT-O got here a week ago, here's a reel on it, "Dick Gossip's":

  49. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Very nice Jill, Lots of punch and volume. Enjoy! I am surprised that it sounds quite a beefed-up Gibson A- oval.

    I have a Collings MT which I bought second-hand about two months ago.
  50. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Thanks Nick. Comparing it to my now gone A-jr, the MT-O is what I'd describe as crisp and glassy sounding vs. the A-jr which was much woodier sounding. I'm loving it and very pleased with the purchase.
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