Week #116 ~ Please Please Me (The Beatles)

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is a Beatles song, Please Please Me. I am on the road, so I'm hoping someone else will link to some notation, etc.
  2. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    This is not a straightforward tune to play and I mullered it big time, the mid 8 is especially tricky. Also it's in E so you have G & D sharps as well as naturals thrown in for good measure. I have abc'd it from various books, none of which seem to be the full shilling but Beatles music is notorious for that, so mine is probably less than perfect. But here it is anyway:-

    T:Please Please Me
    z2 e2 d2 c2 | B3 c B2 G2 | z2 e2 d2 c2 | B3 c B2 G2 |
    |: z2 "E"e2 d2 c2 | B2 c2 B2 G2 | "A"c2- (3cdc "E"B4 | z"G"=GG"A"A A"B7"BBB |
    z2 "E"e2 d2 c2 | B2 c2 B2 G2 | "A"c2- (3cdc "E"B4 | z4 z2 z B |
    "A"c2 cc-c2 z=c | "F#m"c2 ff-f2 z=c |"C#m"c2 gg-g2 zd | "A"e2 aa-a2 a2 |
    "E"g4 g2 g2 | "A"e3 e "B7"d2 d2 | "E"B2 e2 d2 c2 |1 "A"B3 c "B"B2 G2 :|2 B8 ||
    "A"c^BcB cBc=d | "B7"d=d^d=d ^dcBB | "E"c2- (3cdc B4 | z2 BG "A"A2 "E"G2 |
    "A"c^BcB cBc=d | "B7"d=d^d=d ^dczB | "E"g6 g2 | c3 e ddcB | B2 e2 d2 c2 | B3 c B2 G2 ||
    z2 "E"e2 d2 c2 | B2 c2 B2 G2 | "A"c2- (3cdc "E"B4 | z"G"=GG"A"A A"B7"BBB |
    z2 "E"e2 d2 c2 | B2 c2 B2 G2 | "A"c2- (3cdc "E"B4 | z4 z2 z B |
    "A"c2 cc-c2 z=c | "F#m"c2 ff-f2 z=c |"C#m"c2 gg-g2 zd | "A"e2 aa-a2 a2 |
    "E"g4 g2 g2 | "A"e3 e "B7"d2 B2 |: "E"g4 g2 g2 | "A"e3 e "B"d2 B2 :| "E"[G,4E4B4e4] "G"[=G,4=D4B4g4] | "C"[=G,4E4=c4e4] "B7"[A,4D4B4f4] | "E"[G,8E8B8e8] ||

  3. Toycona
    Great job on a challenging song. I was surprised to see it on the list and more surprised that it won. I even hedged and learned "Tom Morrison's Reel" expecting it to come from behind and save the day. But no...once again the Beatles rule!!!
  4. Eddie Sheehy
    Well done Tosh. Can't leave you out here on your own... Here's a rendition on a Fender FM-62 SE (lawsuit)...

  5. Eddie Sheehy
    And another on an Andrew Jerman 'Les Paul'... which was interrupted towards the end... dang Groupies..

  6. Eddie Sheehy
    And ALL the "IN" people do an "unplugged" session... on an Audey Ratliff R4 3 point...

  7. Eddie Sheehy
    My attempts are all in the key of D (easier chords etc. than E) and I have no ABC since I learned it by ear - though I could do a Tab of sorts.
  8. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Tosh & Eddie, great stuff!
    It warms my heard to see a full-fledged Rock-n-Roll tune representing one of our weeks!
    I look forward to trying this one, and I hope I can do it justice.
    Well played guys.
  9. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    Wow! A Beatles tune and I didn't even vote this week! A little background acoustic guitar and overdriven bass effect in a few spots but a lot of fun. And it finally got me back into fooling around with Garageband.

  10. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Chris; that is awesome!
    Very well done, and your Mann sounds fantastic on this song!
  11. Eddie Sheehy
    Great rendition Chris. Let's rock the Forum...
  12. Toycona
    Chris, The Mann is sounding great! Good job on the song too!!
  13. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    Thanks guys! I can't resist Beatles tunes.

  14. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Eddie and Chris, great versions and I love your chordal work.....great stuff!
  15. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I guess I have to have a look at Tosh's ABC file -- I thought "no problem, I'll just learn it from my super-duper 'Beatles Complete' songbook", only to find to my surprise that it's not in there. Neither is "Love Me Do". I can only presume that they signed away their publishing rights to the first two hits so that their "complete" edition starts only after that. So, back to the drawing board and getting the tune from elsewhere.

  16. Topher Gayle
    Topher Gayle
    I think I was probably the person who suggested this tune...

    Way back about 40 years ago, I was a teen with a ukulele banjo that I did not know was a ukulele banjo. I only knew it was small and had no strings. My grandpa saw it and called it a "Peanut banjo" and that's what I still call it.

    I put some steel strings on it and tuned it like a low pitched mandolin. I think the 4th string was about a D. So, a step or so higher than a mandola. Only problem was I did not know how to play mandolin, so I figured out a few things and then out popped this arrangement after a few weeks of messing around.

    Note the pinky stretch. The ukulele banjo had a really short scale. Some day I'll get that peanut banjo out and play this tune on it again. Meanwhile here it is, played on a Mandonator that's a bit out of tune. Sorry about that.

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