1. Mike Bunting
    Just to start it off, Howdy from Alberta.
  2. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    Make that a Dubblehowdy, sepfer I'm in Iraq right now.
  3. Mike Bunting
    Well. so far Alberta rules!
  4. GTG
    Indeed! Anyone else go to the Steve Kaufmann workshop Mike McLeod held in Calgary back in September (? I think)? There must have been 30 mando players all packed into the University Heights community centre. Some of us may have crossed paths without knowing it.
  5. G'DAE
    Hi from B.C. Can't let Alberta have all the bling.
  6. 2poor4Loar
    Hi From Toronto!
  7. asinger
    and again Hi from Toronto!
  8. David Westwick
    David Westwick
    and one more from Alberta....
  9. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    Another hey from Toronto.
  10. TNT
    Hey from Belleville.. ( about an hour east of TO)
  11. newbreedbrian
    well so far the only maritimer, from Halifax
  12. Mike Bunting
    From sea to shining sea!
  13. mandolirius
    I'll make the connection to Vancouver Island, but there needs to be someone from Nfld. to really make it.
  14. Gerard Dick
    Gerard Dick
    Hi from Kitchener.
  15. BBarton
    ... and another from eastern Ontario (Perth area).
  16. newbreedbrian
    Well i was born in Newfoundland, so i guess we're there.
  17. Dave Robson
    Dave Robson
    Another Calgary player
  18. Rick Schmidlin
    Rick Schmidlin
    Hi from Vancouver
  19. Steffy_Girl
    One more from Alberta!!! I just started Mandolin in January, and I'm loving it
  20. Mike Bunting
    What part?
  21. Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods
    ahoy from Vancouver
  22. KeithMcIsaac
    Newfoundlander living in Edmonton reporting here.
  23. gerryo
    .....and another from Eastern Ontario. Smiths Falls.
  24. Duane Graves
    Duane Graves
    Hi, from Minto, NB to you all. Here's hoping all is well with you. Can someone inform me as to the in's and out's of the various menue settings. For instance, what is popular and, well, just a light briefing on the site in general. What do you find helpful individually with being a member of Mandolin Cafe? That would teach me a lot since I don't know my way around yet.

  25. chordwood

    I am from the Maberly. (south-eastern) Ontario, area, just 20 minutes from Perth, and also in the midst of a lot of musical talent.

  26. Norm Buck
    Norm Buck
    chordwood, what are you doing in the Alberta folder? Not that I mind or anything but we're almost neighbours in Ontario (I'm near Kingston) Joey Wright lives up that way doesn't he... maybe somewhat west of you... he plays with Sarah Harmer...
  27. Bluman
    Hi from Lethbridge. I was at the S Kaufman workshop in Sept. Thanks Mike for starting the thread. Nice to meet you Stoney Plain in the summer
  28. jasona
    Another hello from Calgary. Missed the most recent Kaufman workshop because of work commitments. For the same reason my mando has until very recently been gathering dust. Come the new year I'm rededicating myself to it.
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