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  1. pjlama
    I was quite surprised to see that there was not an Old Wave group considering how many instruments Bill has built. So I thought, why not? I for one am a very happy OW player and have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Bussman from time to time being that we live in the same state. So if you feel inclined please join in the fun, knowing Bill and OW owners in general this should be an entertaining Social Group if nothing else.
  2. Nonprophet
    Thanks for setting this up PJ, looking forward to learning and sharing....

  3. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    An OW octave owner here. I have one of Bill's A model octaves, oval hole, just killer. Got to see Bill at Pagosa the first weekend in June and played a great oval and F5 he had there. Got in quite a bit of jamming time with him too. Great fun.
  4. pjlama
    It was a no brainer to set-up. Bill has built a lot of instruments and has a strong following so this should be a nice active social group. I just emailed him and forgot to tell him about this, I guess I'll send a link though.
  5. oldwave maker
    oldwave maker
    Hey! glad I found this place! I may not be a fishy nado, but I am a serious luthier-
  6. pjlama
    I'm glad you found it Bill! Now that we have a place for goofy people that like serious instruments here's a few proposed topics; a list of instruments by members and also what's available for sale out in the world. I know that there's a stunning A oval and mandolin bros plus an A ff at TAMCO and one at Gruhns.
  7. Peter Skerratt
    Peter Skerratt
    Thanks for setting up this group. I was surprised that there wasn't a group already when I got my A5 OW in April. Lot's of beautiful mandos out there, but the OW won my heart! All I need now is for my fingers to do justice to its beautuful sound.
  8. Amandalyn
    Hello all, I am a proud owner of a GBOM by Old Wave, it's a redwood top, walnut back & sides, cuban mahog neck, snakewood binding. It is an incredible instrument! I have posted a pic on the gallery section.
  9. pjlama
    I added some pictures from the Mandolins in progress page. It's fun to see all of the instruments being built. I only got the first couple years of the thread so there's more to come. I'll get them up soon.
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