Week #112 ~ 72nds Farewell to Aberdeen

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Ya'll must have known what I was talking about, as I posted it as 79ths Farewell to Aberdeen, but don't think there's a tune by that name! This tune is also known as "A Boy's Lament for his Dragon"

    This tune has had a short run as an "Other Tune" here in the social group.

    Here is the ABC from Nigel Gatherer

    T:72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen, The
    B:The Jimmy Shand Bagpipe March Book
    Z:Nigel Gatherer
    F:http://jc.tzo.net/~jc/music/abc/mirr...s_Dragon_2.abc 2010-04-18 16:09:08 UT
    f|Ad de/>f/|g/>f/e/>d/ f2|gB Bc/>d/|e/>f/e/>c/ A2|Ad de/>f/|
    g/>f/e/>d/ f2|gB f/>e/d/>c/ d2 d::f/g/|aA A=c|BG A>B|
    Ad Ad|e/>d/c/>B/ Af/>g/|aA A=c|BG A>B|Ad f/>e/d/>c/ d2 d:|]
  2. Clement Barrera-Ng
    Clement Barrera-Ng
    Nice tune. Nigel actually even had mandolin tab for the tune on his website - how awesome is that.

  3. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    The score for this makes it look a lot scarier to play than it is. First slow, then fast, the 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen Lament & Hoedown.

  4. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Now that this is a song-of-the-week choice, here is my version, which I had already posted, following Tosh Marshall of this parish, in Other Tunes as a SoundCloud file. Sorry for repeat, but this seems to be the place to post the tune now.

  5. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Well played John and Mike. Here's my mando version played on my Weber Bitterroot mandola.

  6. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Mike, John & David, those are hard acts to follow, great renditions. After seeing the longer scale instruments, I chose to pick a fight with the cello, and the cello won....

    and then I had a go on the 10 string.....

  7. Marcelyn
    David, that's a stunningly beautiful version .
    Mike, I think your medly is a good match. It looks like your bird likes your playing too.
    Tosh, thanks for introducing this pretty tune and I aggree, the lower register gives it a lot of feeling. Thanks for bringing out the cello.
    John, that's a lively arrangement filled with great sounding instruments. It's really helped this week in learning the song.
  8. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I got an opportunity late last night, to do some recording. Here's mine on my Collings MT2O mandolin.

  9. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Some great versions here. Mike's tempo changes add a whole new dimension and David's multi-instrumental with the concertina coming in is a new slant too. Tosh, really loved the honesty of your opening on the cello where you left in the muttered comment; that cello has a great sound and your second version on the 10-string is very good. Barbara, super sound out if that Collings and a nice contrast with all our other versions on offer here so far. You cannot beat a good pipe tune for getting a real lift - my accordion-wielding colleague Derek always tells me to get my shoulders going as though marching when we play these tunes live, and it works.
  10. dcdan
    Lots of great versions and what a collection instruments. I hate to play favorites but the biggest baddest dog in the my favorite ....love Tosh's mandolcello. Heres mine on my little Gibson Jam master oval hole.
  11. dcdan
    ....and oh yeah happy father's day y'all
  12. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This was one of the first tunes I learned on the mando, but I haven't played it in many years. There's also a lovely fiddle version by Dave Swarbrick on his 1976 album "Swarbrick 2".

    Here's a quick run-through on my Ajr recorded this afternoon:

  13. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    To get in the right state of mind I even watched a few pipe bands on youtube. It really didnít help my playing any, but it did put me in the right state of mind. David - I always look forward to your concertina. Mike R. - Thanks for the slow version and all the extra tunes. Tosh - Big instrument with a big booming tone - Very cool. Everyone sounds great. This is another fun week. Thanks

  14. Mike Romkey
    Mike Romkey
    Great versions, everybody. I love this group! So many songs to learn, so little time. : )
  15. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Dcdan, Martin and Mike, three more super versions. This tune has really created an interest.
  16. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Agree with you John, great versions all round. The 'muttered comments' on my mandocello piece was because I couldn't get comfortable with the scale length and played like a muppet. I do need to play it more but time is against me at the mo. I didn't do much better on the 10 string but I'll get back into the swing of things soon hopefully!
  17. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    OK, true confessions time. Printer issues and out of town travel forced me to learn this one by ear. Fortunately there were a lot of great renditions from all of you. Thanks!

  18. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Great work everyone. Outstanding versions all!
    Such a great tune, and such great videos. Wow.
  19. dcdan
    Nice clean version. Learning it by ear I guess is more traditional.....and now you own the tune. Most of the time I am reading when I do the videos for "saw" , because of a like of time (or poor time management), which I guess defeats part of the purpose because I don't always know the tune at the end of the week. Although hearing everyone's versions helps cement it into my gray matter.....Anyway nice versions everyone
  20. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here's my take played on my Highland Strings 2-Point.
    I think I prefer the slightly slower tempo on this one...Oh, and I strongly prefer the title 'The Boy's Lament for His Dragon'!
    Hope you enjoy it.

  21. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    Nice job and great sound - must be the two points... Enjoying that new mandolin?

  22. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    Thanks for posting, Ed. I know you love buying mandolins but let me put in a vote for keeping that one around as other may come and/or go. I think it suits you, big sound and got some ring to it.

    Both Chris and yourself play the rhythm a bit "straighter" than I might but it sounds good. I have to remind myself that not everything has to swing hard!
  23. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Chris & Brent; thanks for your kind words.
    Chris, I have to say, I am incredibly impressed that your version is based on learning the tune by ear. That is so beyond my capability as to seem like magic to me. Nice job! Oh, and yes, this is my new Highland Strings Orpheus 2-Point, The Raven. I picked her up a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love her!
    Brent; my plan is to have a few "come-and-go mandolins"; and a few, select "Heirloom Mandolins". The Raven is definitely in the heirloom category...I remain incredibly impressed by its build quality, appearance, playability, and tone.
    Oh, and Brent, a hard swing on this tune would be fun too...More strut than march!
  24. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    Not really a hard swing (or quite a Strut) but here's the rhythm I hear for this one. Somewhat along Mike O'Connell's lines.

    It's preceded by Dornoch Links as suggested on Nigel Gatherer's site. I couldn't quite figure out the third song in the set in the few minutes I had so it's now a two-march set.

  25. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Both tunes sound great, Brent. Thanks for pointing me to the suggested “Sets” on Nigel Gatherer’s site. I’ve been on his site many times but have never noticed the “Sets” line. This adds another dimension and a lot more tunes. Thanks.
  26. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Really nice job Brent! Soundin' great.
  27. jordandvm
    Nice job on that medley Brent! Here's my version of this march

  28. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Ed, Brent and Jim -nice versions -all slightly different. Here is my attempt on a Gremlin.

  29. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Jim & Maudin; Excellent stuff!
    I love the tone of both of your mandos as well.
    Maudin; nice slideshow - It goes with the tune nicely.
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