Led Zeppelin on Buchanan 10-string

  1. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    First offering with my Buchanan. Recorded with an ancient AKG D200E dynamic mic, into M-Audio MicroTrak portable.

    PC users may need to download the file by right-click and "save as" if the Quicktime app only allows a few seconds of playtime. Duration is 2:26, approx 1.7 Mb in MP3.

  2. Chip Booth
    Chip Booth
    Really fun arrangement Tom! Nicely done.

    I am curious how deep the sides are on your instrument?
  3. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Thanks. The body is large, over 12" wide, and 3 1/2" deep at bridge position. I'm overplaying on that recording, I'd say, but it's the first time I tried it into the old AKG mike. I'm away from home now, but in July I'll have time to try some Bach as well as Beatles. The cello suites lie nicely, of course.
  4. Toycona
    Very cool!
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