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  1. Dr H
    Dr H
    This probably isn't the right group in which to post this, but it seemed like the people here might more likely be familiar with what I'm looking for...

    Some years ago I acquired an album (vinyl, LP) of "The Vienna Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble" consisting of recordings of late Renaissance and early Baroque music. In many ways it is one of the most amazing recordings I've every encountered. Think of a large symphony orchestra -- the NY Phil -- with everybody playing pizzicato, except it's a nice, clear, resonant pizzicato instead of the dull "thunks" you usually hear from violins.

    The exact album is illustrated here:

    ...but as you can see, it is no longer available. This is one of my favorite albums, and sad to say I have just about worn out my vinyl copy with repeated playings. As much as I like vinyl, it would be nice to find a copy of this album in CD format. Or failing that, at least another vinyl copy in better condition than mine.

    Except I don't know if it was ever released in CD format, or if so, have not been able to find a source for purchasing a copy.

    Has anyone else here ever come across/heard this recording? Anyone have any idea if it ever made it to CD? Or where to get another copy? Or if this particular ensemble ever released any other recordings?

    Many thanks.
  2. Greg Stec
    Greg Stec
    Found this on a google exact word search.
    I don't know the owner. I have no interest (financial, personal or otherwise) in this site.
    Caveat lector and caveat emptor.
    Just spreading the news.
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