Sarabande from Cello Suite #6

  1. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Straining the bounds perhaps, but even though my 5-string is electric it's still mandolin/violin family, tuned in fifths, and a natural for the cello suites. Almost ready to post the Prelude from the D major suite, but here is the beautiful Sarabande.

    This is not a streaming file, just a normal mp3. For PC you should probably right-click and "save as" to download. Macs should play OK in Quicktime.
  2. mvl
    Nicely played!
  3. jeffo
    Really nice job!
  4. Ken_P
    Really nice work Tom! I'd actually recommend slowing it down a bit, not because you can't handle the tempo (no problems there at all), but because it suits the character of the dance! A Sarabande is supposed to be very slow and contemplative. Yours had the livelier feel of a Minuet at times - not bad, but I think taking a bit more time would help bring out the depth of emotion in the music even more.
  5. bratsche
    Here's my rendition I just recorded of this Sarabande, played on my Flatiron 1N mandola tuned down to GDAE using Thomastik 174 strings.

  6. aconnormartin
    Great work! Really gives off a certain relaxed mood! I like the electric sound of it too!
  7. aconnormartin
    Hey does anyone know where i could get this sheet music transposed to mandolin? (or violin i guess). I checked IMSLP and there was none. I guess I may just have to do the hard work myself...
  8. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    I uploaded some pdf's to my website. These are my version of the Sarabande from the D major suite, transposed up for mandolin, and in a mandola version, in treble clef. Alto clef version is the last one. These should download automatically, but if not you can ctrl-click or right-click (PC0 to download. Option-click for Mac.
  9. MandoPheel
    I really like your playing, both for this piece and others you have posted. I thought the tempo and feel were spot-on. Nice work.

  10. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Thanks for saying. I'm still working on the D maj Prelude, it's pretty much reliable on electric but I want to use my 10-string acoustic. Almost there, I will post soon.
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