Free online violin lessons

  1. walt33
    While poking around Craigslist this afternoon, I discovered this site:

    Have not had a chance to look around the site yet, but it looks promising.

    *Edit* Have looked at the two "Playing in Tune" videos, and I'm impressed. Last week I had figured out how to match notes fingered with the third or fourth finger to the next higher or lower open string. The videos explain this and then tell how to hit the other notes which don't correspond to open strings. Bravo.

  2. Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson
    Yes, I watched a few of his videos and was impressed as well. I hope my mandolin and violin (fiddle) playing will compliment each other.
  3. billkilpatrick
    todd ehle's videos are superb - well done and generously provided.
    for reels and jigs - seems like my right hand, alas, is made of concrete - i found these particularly useful:
  4. Marcelyn
    A friend passed this bowing lesson by Bruce Molsky along to me yesterday and I've been trying out the exercises. It's really helpful.
  5. HonketyHank
    Hi. I just joined the group. No fiddle yet, but I have been having a hankering to try one out. Thanks for the links above. I will be studying them in anticipation of adding FAS to my MAS/BAS problem.
  6. catmandu2
    H-Hank, welcome to the wonderful world of fiddling. There's nothing like a fiddlestick to dance upon the strings.
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