Canadian Trinity College distributors?

  1. jasona
    Thinking of getting an OM, but the only vendor in Canada I have found so far is The 12th Fret, who are only stocking the deluxe model. Would appreciate any tips!
  2. epicentre
    I was able to buy my TC mandolin through a local music store. They had to order, etc.

    That was a few years ago, so I'm not up on the situation at present, but, it seems that a direct order from Saga was about the only way the dealer could get it.

    Not much help. Sorry.
  3. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    I also just had a local music store order my TC bouzouki. Saga makes many different brands, ie. blueridge guitars, TC etc. So they usually have a catalog they can order from. There's usually not a huge market for Octave mandolins and bouzoukis, so that's why nobody carries them. The 12th fret is the only place I've ever come across in Canada.
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