So what songs are you all playing?

  1. Toycona
    Hello all!

    I just got back from a jam a few days ago, and I played "Columbus Stockade Blues, Wandering Boy, Rocky Top," and a bunch of others. What are you all playing?
  2. Mike Bunting
    Me, I'm liking Crossing the Cumberlands these days, also playing France Blues, Old Dangerfield, I've Endured and many more.
  3. buckshot22
    Seems like all I play these days are scales. It's like a Dr Seuss book. Up scales down scales, major minor blues scales.

    Working on speeding up Lost Indian

    Also working on tremolo double stops for backup. Man that can add some color to a slow tune.
  4. Mando Mort
    Mando Mort
    Been playing Wildwood Flower, Will the Circle be Unbroken.
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