1. JeffD
    I have been working through "Bach, A Glimpse of Genius. Excerpts and Transcriptions for Two Instruments from the Works of J.S.Bach" available from Boulder Early Musc Shop.

    Its not, perhaps, original transcriptions, but its challenging and lots of fun.

    I also started working through, on a dare, the Gavotte from Partita III, from the Dover publication mentioned elsewhere. I hit the wall often, but the wall is not immovable, and after several weeks of work I can do the first half page without too much trouble.
  2. Tacomando
    I have the Debora Chen transcriptions of selected Two Part Inventions (stringthingmusic.com), and have found them very clear and great fun. Finding another player willing to work of the second part has been the more serious challenge. #1 isn't too hard. #13 and #14 are current favorites for me.
  3. WJF
    FWIW, I'm currently working on a book for MelBay in which I've transcribed the keyboard works of Bach and arranged them for two mandolins ... somewhere north of 30 pieces so far that have been taken from all of his most popular works (Goldberg Variations, Partitas, French & English Suites, Inventions, Well Tempered Clavier, Anna Magdelena's Notebook, etc).

    The book will include standard notation and TAB and will have selections that range from "beginner friendly" to selections that will pose a nice challenge for the advanced players.

    Given MelBays publishing backlog and a little bit of the work yet to go in order for me to complete it the way I want, it's still probably a year away but I'm really excited about it and couldn't resist sharing the news.
  4. Tacomando
    Hi WJF - This is great news about your project. I look forward to seeing your work in print sometime in 2010. If you need hand with proofreading your pieces let me know and I'll lend a hand.
  5. Todd Neel
    Todd Neel
    Hey WJF - it's been about a year since that post, is your MelBay book out yet? I'd definitely buy one.
  6. lukmanohnz
    Ok - I'm a bit late to this party, but did WJF's duet book ever get published? It sounds like something I'd like to add to my library. I'm hopelessly TAB-addicted.
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