The Altman Mandolin

  1. Altman F5L
    Altman F5L
    How does everyone like their Altman Mandolins? Im curious to know all the differences in them
  2. jealbe49
    Love mine.. ended my search 5+ years ago. I still play other mandolins, but have yet to find one that would make me want to trade or sell my Altman.
  3. mburkes
    I love mine too. Especially the neck. Bob is getting very popular as he should with the quality of instrument he produces.
    He is also great to chat with on the phone.
    I am thinking of getting another one if I can do some trading. Yes, I know, it is a sickness.
  4. JFDilmando
    I have one of Bob's Two Points... one of three I believe that he has made. For my ear, it is as good, as a F5 Gilchrist that I have, and better than a Grand Artist Monteleone, a Loar that I had for awhile, and right up there with a '27 Fern that I had as well...

    In workmanship, it is better than all of them.... I was so impressed, that I got Bob to build me an F5.... which is in the process, and is currently taking on color and finish. Should actually see it before the year ends... I'll pass on pics when all is said and done.

    It will be interesting to see how he does on the inlay work, as it was a collaborative design between us that was a tribute to the old F4 full peghead torch and fire designs. The fine wire he is using is gold wire he got from a jewelry supply, I believe. It will have other things that are a bit different than is "usual" F5... it will be interesting to see.

  5. Phisherman
    I am spoiled and have an Adirondack F5 which I purchased used and an Engelman F5 that I had Bob build for me. I have played too many nice Mandolin's (I suffer from MAS) but when I received the Adirondack F5 it ended up being the only mandolin I played. I sold two others to have the Engelman built. If I could only have one it would be the Engelman, that is until I play the Adirondack........... I have never played other Mandolins that have the volume of these instruments. Very loud but still tonally strong. I find the Engelman to be warmer and the Adirondack is a bit more focused with more bark to it although the Engelman barks pretty good also. Simply wonderful Mandolins. Bob is a first class guy and I am very happy for his success.
  6. Altman F5L
    Altman F5L
    Thanks for all of the replies!

    JohnD, I have seen pictures of the torch and wire mando that Bob is building for you! It is beautiful and i am sure the sound is phenomenal as always!!! It should be complete soon!!!

    I have a picture on my computer, if you would like it, message me your email and i will be happy to send it to you!

    As far as the "two points" Bob has only built 2.....I had inquired about those mandolins a few weeks ago!

    These mandolins are fantastic! Bob does have a great gift..
    I just received my NEW Alman F5L ( FIRST LEFT HANDED ALTMAN )
    It is equal and or if not better than some that i have heard, the quality, craftsmanship is STILL THERE!! I was blown away!!

    I just posted a video on youtube of this new mandolin, check it out!
  7. Altman F5L
    Altman F5L

    My new Altman has the Adirondack Red Spruce top.
    I have heard some of his Engelmanns' and they are great too! Yet they do vary, like you said....I dont know, i had just preferred the Red Spruce myself, but as well ALL know everyone has a different ear to what they want to hear as far as tone.
    The tone of the Altmans' are simply amazing, the smooth mellowness is just amazing.
    Where as Gibson had the hard, bitey, tone and the Altmans, i guess this is the word, PRETTY...but the got alot of punch. I prefer the Altman over anything i have heard.. There is no word to describe it..

    Enjoy your Altman!!!!
  8. Bob Stolkin
    Bob Stolkin
    Love my #15. Engelmann top. Great tone, but I think the thing I love best about it is the playability and feel of the neck. I do want to check out one of Bob's new Loars with a red spruce top.
  9. JFDilmando
    I am crying that I have to turn my Two Point loose... I LOVED the sound it had... it was my BIG time traveler. It's literally been around the world with me. But immediate cash is the sad name of the game... and I am going to try and keep my Torch and Wire Altman....
  10. kmfrank
    I just got #3704. It is an absolute monster instrument with an enormous sound - huge low end, but sparkling high end as well, clean way up the neck, and very playable, with notes that pop way past the 12th fret. It's really opened up new areas of the fretboard for me, it's quite liberating.

    And yes, Bob's necks have a great feel to them, to reiterate what everyone is saying.
  11. Jim Nollman
    Jim Nollman
    I just bought an Altman 2 point, built in 2007 #7107. It is lacquered, with a radiused fingerboard. The best sounding mandolin I've ever owned. Contrary what someone else here claims, Bob Altman recalled to me that he's only built two two-points, not three. He also heard a rumor that the other one (beside mine) got destroyed in a motorcycle accident a few years back. Does anybody else here know the whereabouts of that other two point? Or its fate? That one was #7207.
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