Simon Mayor's Vanden lost/stolen......

  1. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    From Simon Mayor's website:


    made by Mike Vanden

    July 2010.
    This mandolin went walkabout from a concert in Oxford and I am obviously very eager to get it back. It is Mike Vanden's prototype of the 'SM' model.

    Most of the ones he's made have been sunburst; this is one of only (he thinks) three with a natural, blonde finish. It's in almost new condition.

    It's distinguishing features are the lack of position markers on the fretboard and the lack of binding on the back of the instrument. Otherwise, the shots on this page say it all.

    It features on the front cover of my CD 'Music from a Small Island' and also on the front of my book 'Mastering The Mandolin'. It was last seen in an old, blue, fibreglass Calton case. And in case you were wondering, it was insured but that's not the point.....!

    I'd be enormously grateful for any information.

    Obviously if you know anything/see it on ebay contact Simon via his website:
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