What Strings do You Use on Your Morris Mandolin?

  1. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I'm curious as to what strings you like to use on your Morris mandolin.

    I just received my A5, so it's still equipped with the Martin Bluegrass Strings (M450: 80/20 Bronze Wound 11-14-24W-38W) that Sonny set it up with. I'm quite surprised by how much I like these strings great feel, good volume, decent balance between brightness and warmth, and surprisingly strong bass response on the .038 G string!

    However, since the M450s are brass, I'm assuming they will be short-lived (?)

    Hence, I'd love to know what strings you have found to work well on your Morris mandolin.
  2. Steve-o
    I started with J74s on my other mando, then switched to EXP74s to get longer life. I tried the EXP74s on my Morris too and liked them, but now am enjoying JM-11s on my Morris oval hole. JM-11s work great for jazz or classical, but lack the volume for bluegrass.
  3. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Hi Folks:
    Just a quick update - After about 6 weeks of pretty heavy playing, the Martin M450s on my Morris A5 still sound crisp and responsive and seem to always be in tune...I'm impressed. I've got a set of GHS A-260 Bobby Osbourne Med. Lt. Phosphor Bronze (11-16-24w-38w) strings waiting in the wings for the A5, but the Martins continue to sound so good it might be a while yet! Actually, now that the excess brightness has gone from the Martins, I really like the tone they are providing.
    Also, I had Sonny set-up my new A4 with the JazzMando JM-11s...Really looking forward to hearing those on the new Mandolin!
  4. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I just installed a set of D'Addario J74 strings on my Morris A5 after going through a couple sets of Martin M450s (the only brand of strings that have been on this mandolin throughout its short life).
    WOW! What a difference! Huge increases in volume, presence and punch.
    I thought the Martins sounded really good on the A5, but with the J74s the A5 is just a BEAST!
  5. Mandobart
    Thanks for the update, Ed. My F4 is due for a new set soon, I think I'll try the J74s as well.
  6. lhoyler
    I use J74's and sometimes Elixir mediums. The EXP 74 are also good. The coated strings, I do like, but after about one week of play.
  7. GDAE
    I have an oval hole...one of the large-holed ones...and it's a little jangly with the j-74s that are on it. Any recommendations to make it a little mellower?
  8. Steve-o
    GDAE, To risk stating the obvious, the jangly sound goes away after a day or two of playing on new strings. If you really want "mellow" and can live with less volume, but with a wonderful smooth easy-on-the-fingers feel, try JM-11s. You can order them through JazzMando.com.
  9. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I've become a "stick-in-the-mud" for the J74s on my Morris A5.
    After a few days of some harsh brightness, these settle down making the A5 a cannon.
    Actually, I become more and more impressed by my Morris A5 every day.
    The tone and playability of this instrument is just remarkable. It easily out performs mandolins costing three times as much.
    It is a keeper...
    Sorry, no help on the string question...I'm drinking the J74 Kool-aid!
  10. GDAE
    Well, the J-74s on it aren't new...they need changing, and I was just looking for a little sweeter sound when I put the new ones on.

    I have a set of GHS silk and steel that I like for my f-hole mandolin...haven't tried them on the oval yet.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve-o.
  11. DENNY7P
    I have #189 flat top -a style -with oval hole with red cedar top .I have tried the martins blue grass strings,and the j74's i switch to black diamond silver plated .0095-.035,every body mandolin sounds difference with with different strings ,I like them,good tone,volume and mellows it out! hats off to Mr Morris for making such a fine mandolins I see most old timer use j74 on all there instument, i think they are missing outs on other good strings.
  12. lflngpicker
    I have changed my five month old Morris A4e to J74's and it improved the tone, volume and clarity. This mandolin sounded fantastic with the original 11-38 Martins, but the 11-40 J74's are even stronger. I think I will go for the coated version EXP 74 as soon as they are needed, which I would think will be a while. Howard Morris builds a great mandolin!
  13. RioDog
    I'm wondering what folks are using on any F model Morris? Thanks.
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