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  1. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Let's use this thread to post information and links about Morris mandolins.

    Here is a link to an excellent interview of Howard Morris done by Mel Bay Mandolin Sessions.
  2. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    The website for Ozark Mountain Music of Fayetteville, Arkansas has some nice information about, and images of, a few of Howard's mandolins.

    Included are images of F5#45, F4#54, and A1#52. However, no information regarding price or current availability is provided.
  3. Mandobart
    I went down to Irrigon yesterday and picked up my Morris F4. Always fun to check out Sonny's shop and see what's cooking. I can tell you there will be some happy pickers in the not-to-distant future! Had a nice visit with the Morris'es; played some tunes, talked about music and building instruments. I left with an awesome sounding F4 and a bunch of home-grown tomatoes. Said hello to Sonny from everyone here at the cafe, and he returns your greetings.
  4. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Mandobart - sounds like a great visit! Thanks for sharing...If Sonny grows tomatoes like he makes mandolins, those will be some fine tomaters!
  5. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Contact & Pricing Information for Howard Morris Mandolins (as of 1 October 2010)

    Howard Morris Mandolins
    PO Box 153
    Irrigon, OR 97844
    Telephone: 541-922-9078

    Pricing for Howard Morris Mandolins (prices include a gig bag):
    A-Style (A4 & A5): $850
    2-Point (2P4 & 2P5): $1,150
    F-Style (F4 & F5): $1,395
  6. Mandobart
    I know I'm preaching to the choir on this social group, but I don't think you can get a better deal on a great mandolin anywhere. My two favorite instruments are my Morris F4 and my Jessen F4 octave. Both hand-built by great American Luthiers, both awesome sounding, and both for under $ 2k. Its funny, though, when I posted pictures and sound clips on the general board on these instruments, I barely get any replies. But, if a person posts something like "I just ordered a $ 5k (or more) mandolin from [insert name of famous builder here]" no pics, no clips, nothing else, there are dozens of replies, all gushing about how wonderful this is. Not trolling or anything; I would never post this on the general board for the sure-to-follow flaming.
  7. Steve-o
    I think many of the folks on the Cafe recognize builders like Sonny for creating nice custom mandolins at an affordable price, but the sex appeal just isn't there. I like my Morris for its simplicity and basic organic look; however, the fit and finish and tone/volume IMHO are nowhere near the caliber of the 5k models you reference. In the internet world, eye candy is huge, and Sonny's pictures don't really do his mandos justice. Sound clips played through computer speakers don't really capture the tone and volume either. Heck, if I had the chance to handle and play a Morris on one of my trips to Elderly, I would have bought one years sooner. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Mandobart & Steve: I agree very much with what both of you are saying...Sonny's mandolins are killer values, but they are also more 'Spartan' than some boutique mandolins out there with more sex appeal. People like bells & whistles, even though the bells & whistles improve neither tone nor playability. Another huge factor coming into play here is brand recognition. Since Sonny puts all of his efforts into building, the marketing of his mandolins suffer (that's one of the main reasons I wanted to start this group - to get the word out). All that said, I continue to be amazed by the quality and value of Sonny's mandolins. I do think they regularly out-perform mandolins costing considerably more (Some Webers & Collings, for example). Additionally, in their price-point, I have found nothing close.

    Finally, I do think that as we continue to talk about/post clips, etc. of Sonny's mandolins, we will see more positive responses and discussions regarding them.

    Oh, one final thing...Tonight I finally played a mandolin that I'd say was without question higher in quality to my Morris A5...It was Rebecca Lovell's Duff F5...No kidding...So, the two best mandolins I've played (IMO) are: 1. Rebecca's F5, 2) My Morris A5! Not bad...I can't wait to get my new Morris A4!

    Oh, and one more thing...Mandobart & Steve...Your Morris mandolins are both stunning...Two of the best looking instruments I've seen!
  9. GDAE
    So what do you think is up with that one that went up for sale today, which appears to be the same one that was sold for the same price in the last month? A4, cedar top, made in May this year.

    I will say, I've played a lot of mandolins and my Morris has better fit and finish than any I've seen, including some that cost WAY WAY more. Yes, they're simple, but very well done in their simplicity.
  10. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Boy, you're right about that cedar top Morris A4 up for sale again...That's odd...What a mystery...It sure does sound good in the videos though...

    The more I play my Morris A5, the more I'm impressed by it! I played this Weber Yellowstone last week, and, even though it had been well set-up by the folks at Woodsy's, and it sounded nice, I don't think it had nearly the tonal richness that my Morris A5 has. Also, from my playing perspective, the Morris had much better projection and 'bark'...Actually, I'd say that in this quality the Morris was closer to the Duff than the Weber was to the Morris! IOW, playing Rebecca Lovell's Duff last night really reinforced my appreciation and respect for Sonny's mandolins. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on my new A4 from Sonny!
  11. Mandobart
    Three Morris A4's on the classifieds; one posted by Sonny, the other two also just built this year. Great deals for someone out there!
  12. GDAE
    I think that perhaps the other two are actually the same one...but I'm not sure. That someone bought it, and is now reselling it within just two or three weeks.
  13. Eric Root
    Eric Root
    Hi, I'm new to this group, because I just bought one of the A4s in question. I only live one county away from the seller, so I drove over to try it out, and bought it immediately. I got bit by the mando bug this summer (my "real" instruments are fiddle for old-time and English concertina for English, Scottish, and irish music) when I bought an Orpheum No. 1 banjo-mandolin, and started saving for a wooden mandolin, maybe by my neighbor Ward Elliott. I figured I wouldn't be buying for another year, then, Holy cow!! An instrument for sale a half hour away that I already had enough money for! I am very pleased with the transaction, and the instrument is a beauty with very good tone and volume, and the sustain is exceptional.
  14. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Welcome Eric, and congratulations on your new Morris A4!
  15. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Since we didn't have any photos of any of Sonny's 2 Point mandolins in our group photos, I asked him to e-mail me some pics of the f-hole 2 Point he just listed in the classifieds. I've posted them to the group.
  16. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Gifted Russian mandolinist Olga Egorova performs on Morris Mandolins F5 #111. Wow!

  17. Nonprophet
    Does anyone know what the warranty is on Sonny's mandolins?


  18. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here's more from Olga Egorova and her Morris F5 #111. This time with a fantastic rendition of 'Whiskey Before Breakfast'.
    Young lady has serious chops, and exceptional performance charisma!!

  19. FatBear
    If I buy a Morris mandolin can I play like that?

    Ed, you seemed to have posted a lot about your Morris(s?) and then stopped. Are you still happy with it? I'm kind of looking around and being an Oregonian myself, buying local seems very appealing. He can obviously make a nice sounding mandolin. Are there any down sides that I should know about?

  20. Mandobart
    FatBear - I'll chime in that I've had no downsides with my Morris F4. I've had it now for over 2 1/2 years, with no problems. It keeps sounding better and better. I don't mean to speak for Ed, but I know he has commissioned several other instruments and is branching out into tenor guitar and bass; could be he's not playing mando so much anymore.
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