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  1. Coreen
    Hi, I am kind of new to Mandolin, but not to music, mostly focus on Irish trad. I need some suggestions about CDs for good exposure to Gospel Mando.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Susanne
    It depends what you mean with gospel mando. Anything with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Ralph Stanley contain a lot of bluegrass/oldtime gospel.
  3. jc2
    Nice nose, Coreen! Check out the music of Howard Armstrong, a blues mandolinist from long ago who did some very fine gospel songs. I like looking at songs that DON"T have mandolins to see how they translate, and many do very well. Think of them as "music minus One" recordings made just for you. One thing I have found is that what the accordion is playing in a lot of Cajun music fits well on the mandolin as far as chord shape and progressions goes, and suggests good direction for accompaniment.
  4. rf37
    Any Doyle Lawson is very good. Another I love alot is Paul Williams and the victory trio. Very nice balance of the intruments. The Osbourne Brothers are good to

    Just my 1 cent. My ex took my other cents
  5. mee
    Ok I am replying to a very old discussion, is anyone still around? Paul Williams( victory trio) is a fantastic Gospel mandolin player and I love his style of playing, very simple melody thrown in with a great chop. If you like bluegrass Gospel, he is easy to play along with. Great guy to talk to with a wonderful testimony.
  6. Picking Dick
    Picking Dick
    Well, I'm around, but I'm a newby and don't play much of anything on my new mando banjo. I'm an old guy, and I've been playin' music and singin' and whistlin' for 65 years. I like to sing or flute gospel tunes, and, if I can get my fingers untangled, I'll be playin' 'em on my string instruments too. I hope to learn how to do that well here.
  7. Michael Kinch
    Michael Kinch
    Hello everyone. I just joined this group. I am a newbie and have a lot to learn. Never played an instrument before and have taken up playing the mandolin. Let's resurrect this group and get some discussions going.
  8. Groundcoat
    I'm kind of new to the mandolin but have been playing the guitar for very long time. I play on my church Worship Team and recently switched over from guitar to mandolin (in church). The congregation seems to love the different sound and gets a kick out of my bluegrass versions of traditional hymns. Lots of fun playing the Lord's music!!
  9. Michael Kinch
    Michael Kinch
    I am new to the mandolin as well. Actually I am new to playing music, I have never played an instrument before. I guess it is never too late to learn. I have fun playing and I am learning a lot.
  10. Trz63
    Check out the Primative Quartet for Gospel bluegrass. Great songs and musicianship as well.
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