Hey, cosy group this one isn't it!

  1. Matt Hutchinson
    Matt Hutchinson
    Might want to sign a few of the chickens up to bolster numbers.

    How are things going post-op? Hope you're well

  2. danb
    Looks like both of us signed up, mission accomplished!
  3. hank
    Hello my friends across the pond, Looks like you could use some transient yanks every now and then. If I may intrude upon you with a question about PBS's Antique Road Shows theme. I haven't seen it in a while but am hoping to so i can identify the music more clearly. When I first heard your music Dan I thought it might be you, then I heard some Simon Mayor that confused the issue for me again. What ever the case keep your can of worms open, I love hearing you and your friends entangled in waking those old instruments up. Looking forward to your next album with your Beautiful Wein. Henry
  4. hank
    I guess it just you two and the chickens again. I believe the tune is Simon Mayors, The Wasp. Dan keep the good music coming.
  5. danb
    Hi Hank, wish it was me, that'd be some nice exposure. Not sure what the tune is though!
  6. JCLondonUK
    Hello you two (and the chickens). And then there were three ...

    I'm a beginner on mandolin, although a long-time guitarist and sometime banjo and piano player. I got a mandocello a few months ago, and then a mandolin a couple of weeks ago, and am having fun noodling around on both if them.

    So ... come in number 4!

  7. Paul Statman
    Paul Statman
    Any room for an ex-pat? I used to go to Edale (when that was the only one, think) until the first Ironbridge Fest. I played on stage the first day at that first one (1986), and attended quite a few after that..
  8. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Blimey, a Social Club on line, who's round is it?
  9. Matt Hutchinson
    Matt Hutchinson
    Yours I think Tosh!
  10. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Hi Matt, Pity you're not north of the river because the Weds session at The White Lion in St Albans is great. Danb would be in his element there. 20 mins from St Pancras. Get the 11.18 back although there are later ones. If you fancy it one night it will be my round! All the best. Tosh
  11. Beanzy
    Thought I'd poke my nose in & say a quick hello. I'm a fresher at the mandolin, playing cello, whistles, and bass until recently. Only up in Loonydom every other week but work weird hours. I wish there was a decent class I could do like I did at the CityLit when starting out on the Cello. I tend to need regular embarassment in front of others inorder to keep the practice hours up.

    Anyway hi all,

  12. danb
    I've been playing in either Richmond or Camden lately.. Richmond is at the Duke's head a couple blocks north of the tube station, Camden is at the World's End pub. Usually Brian Kelly is in residence in Camden, and Mark Conyard in Richmond. Both can sure belt 'em out on the mandolin too
  13. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Which days Dan, I'll pass on to our group....
  14. bevb
    Hi, I'm interloping a bit 'cus I'm in Dorset....which is nearish to London. Hello everyone, Bev
  15. Beanzy
    ........ and then it all went quiet.

    Well Happy Christmas 2011.
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