Is anybody out there?

  1. aphillips
    Anyone in the area at all?
  2. Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson
    I am here. Still a novice but gaining ground.
  3. aphillips
    Hey Greg - good to see you on here- don't worry I'm a novice too. Have you had a chance to check out any of the jams?
  4. Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson
    I have been down to Zoeys. I also went to the Irish folk jam at Muddy Waters. Last Wednesday I dropped by Alice Keck Park to check that out.

    The Muddy Waters Jam is a little advanced for me but I think I will soon give the Alice Keck Park jam a try. I've been to a workshop at Zoeys.

    I am still learning a repertoire of songs. Crosspicking is coming along but now I really have to improve my chop chords.

    At some point we should get together. Though it looks like you are more advanced that I am.
  5. aphillips
    Yeah Greg- it'll be fun - don't worry I'm nowhere near pro - when it comes to mandolin - trust me. Check out my concert this Sunday if you're looking for something to do!
  6. Jim MacDaniel
    Jim MacDaniel

    I'm from Northern CA (Oakland), but visit Ojai a couple of times a year (Easter and Thanksgiving), so thought I would join this group to keep in touch between trips.

  7. aphillips
    Hey Jim - great let us know when you're coming down here- it'd be fun to have a little jam! Welcome!
  8. fenrisulf
    Hey guys,

    I'm in Ventura county so I'm relatively close. Mandolin-wise I play mostly British folk stuff but it'd be nice to meet up with some fellow mandolin players of any sort as I don't know any!
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