Inisheer (Traditional)

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  1. dustyamps
    Inisheer, traditional tune by Thomas Moore.
  2. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Very Nice Dusty! I love this tune, we play it sometimes at our Folksession in Holland
    Your mandolin has a nice round tone, I love it.. Can you tell me something about it?
  3. James Rankine
    James Rankine
    Love this dusty. Reminds me of the theme tune from Belle et Sebastian, a tear jerking tune from childhood holiday TV viewing. Beautiful tone from the mandolin - all rather moving
  4. CathyL
    Simply beautiful, dustyamps! I agree with luurtie, your mandolin tone and crisp, clean picking has me enthralled.
  5. woodenfingers
    I recently discovered this tune on John Kelly's Soundcloud site and had to give it a go myself. As can be seen from this thread the tune has been on the cafe for over 3 years now with a recent reprisal by Dusty with his wonderful clear tone.

    John's Soundcloud clip is here:

    Here's my go with mandolin, guitar and accordion.

  6. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Nicely done Bob, you've inspired me to redo the video to my original post, long since removed. I played a Sobell mandolin, Wheatstone Aeola English concertina, Santa Cruz OM guitar and bowed a double bass.

  7. woodenfingers
    David - that was fantastic!! Your pieces always have that evocative Irish/Scot nature to them that is just wonderful. The OM work is fabulous and the bowed bass really adds a lot to the piece. A lot of thought went into it. Thanks for posting it, I had wondered why people were commenting about your version but I had looked and couldn't find it.
  8. woodenfingers
    I play in a trio consisting of fiddle, mandolin (me), and guitar. I thought Inisheer would be nice for us to do. In slow tunes, due to the lack of sustain on a mandolin and my tremolo is non-existent, the fiddle generally gets the 'good' part. Tunes sound good when we both play melody together but can also sound good if I play a harmony part. I therefore wrote a harmony part for Inisheer. I don't know if this is blasphemous for the traditionalists.

    I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions you can make for improving the harmony. Here's the harmony track added to my previous recording:

    T: Inisheer - Harmony Part - 01/03/14 - Bob Anderson
    M: 3/4
    L: 1/16
    K: G
    D4|: "G" G6 F2 G2B2 | "Bm" G6 F2 G2B2 | "C" C6 E2 F2E2 | "D" A,6 G2 F2E2 |
    "G" G6 F2 G2B2 | "Bm" G6 F2 G2B2 | "C" E6 G2 "D" FE D2 |2 "G" D6 B,2B,2 D2 :|3
    "G" D6 F2 G2B2 |] "C" c6 c2 c2G2 | "G" G6 F2 G2B2 | "Em(C)" B2B2B2 G2 GG G2 |
    "Em" B6 E2 G2G2 | "C" c6 c2 c2G2 | "G" G6 F2 G2B2 | "D" D6 D2 DDD2 |
    "G" D6 F2 G2B2 | "C" c6 c2 c2G2 | "G" G6 F2 G2B2 | "Em(C)" c2c2 c2B2 GAB2 |
    "Em" c6 E2 G2G2 | "C" c6 c2 c2G2 | "G" G6 F2 G2G2 | "D" A,6 F2 FDD2 | "G" G12 ||
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