history of #152 unicorn

  1. chattachef
    I know Rolfe finished his last mando at 150 for unicorn, but do you think #152 is the same blueprint and material choice as his? I just got it from a friend who bought it through an estate. he set it up and i cleaned it up and it is bright and dry sound.
    I will post pictures of it soon. I would love to hear more history on unicorn.
    Don't know, but I"d contact Rolfe. He'd probably be able to provide some insight.
  3. Rolfe
    Actually, I think I finished at #149 which was included in the deal when Dave Sinko took over. Anything after that under the Unicorn label was made by Dave. There is a little history of Unicorn on my website, and Dave Finch has created a Unicorn historical site. I can't get to the address without logging out of here, but is has to do with Round Mountain Sounds.
  4. chattachef
    Thanks, I will look for that website.
  5. Rolfe
    I just looked it up: www.roundmountainsounds.com/unicorn.htm being kept by David and Paula Finch.
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