Position voicings on Fuga from Sonata I

  1. Mandostringer
    I've been trying to crack this nut for quite some time and this piece always seems to whoop my butt 'cause something about the position switches just don't compute in my head- it seems like if I can get a handle on when to switch up the neck to play some of the higher melodies that this should be much easier biomechanically than I am makin' it for myself! Anyone have any advice on this topic? or any resources on hand positions that they have found useful?
  2. Ken_P
    Keep an eye on this space - I hope to record that movement and have a video on youtube within a few days. Hopefully that will help - I'll be more than happy to discuss my solutions if you have any specific questions.
  3. bratsche
    You've seen this one, right?

  4. Mandostringer
    I HADN'T seen that one... wow. thank you very much- I mean... violin's cool & all but this just sounds much more amazing on a mandolin to me, but of course we're all a lil' biased here, aren't we? watching his hand positions makes me encouraged that I don't think I'm too far off, however- some intensive hand fitness is in my future I recently acquired a National Resonator Mando and it had deeply renewed my enthusiasm for Bach- the resonator does some very unique things allowing the overtones to ring with the harmonic variations- a boy could get lost in it rapidly. Hope to start posting some videos with it in the next few months!
  5. Ken_P
    This doesn't live up to the professional version posted above, but I'm pretty proud of it, anyway. I'll be very happy to answer any questions you might have about it, I took a long time working out fingerings that were comfortable for me.

  6. Mark Marino
    Mark Marino
    I'm new to the Bach club and this thread... struggling with the same challenge as you folks in 2010... fingerings and positions on this tune. I have Mike Marshall's book but he only tabbed out the first 14 measures. As an ex-guitar player, I am struggling beyond that to know what position to play much of it in (and hence, fingerings). Does anyone know if there is a full tab version of this avaiable for sale anywhere now?
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