Canadian builders

  1. Bruce Clausen
    Bruce Clausen
    This SG might be a good place to share info about builders on this side of the line. I found this old thread with some good names and details:

    But there must be lots that aren't mentioned. Starting with David Sohn here in the Vancouver area. Anyone here have a name they'd like to call to our attention? Just in case. Thanks.
  2. IanBowden
    My guy is Stan Pope of Prince George, BC. I'm on my second 'zouk from him and found him to be decent to deal with, the quality of the instruments quite good, and a good overall value.

  3. Mike Bunting
    Larry Muth in Saskatchewan.
  4. Wendolin
    Elmo McDonald, in Fredericton Junction (New Brunswick), makes fine mandolins.
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