elkhorn #4

  1. harrykat
    hey trey,
    thanks for starting this group. i am the proud owner of elkhorn#4 which is a f style, satin finish (which has rubbed smooth to a nice vintage look through use). i bought it through another cafe member who is a friend of robb's, who robb had sent to try out. i believe he also had your mandolin as robb had sent both an a and f. i remember yours was killer also. mine has really developed well, and i love the sound of it. i hope some more owners will join in and we can discuss these wonderful instruments.
    thanks again......jeff
  2. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for joining the group. Yeah, was it Barry that had yours? He was actually in my home town Fri. night and ended up at my buddy's gig. I knew he had an F of Robb's, I guess maybe that is the one you own? Yeah, the whole scroll envy thing is getting to me, I'm currently saving up for an Elkhorn F w/ an adi. top, a real bluegrass machine.
  3. harrykat
    yeah, it was barry and that is the one i own. barry doesn't live to far from me and we are good friends. he is always coming across amazing instruments, something different every time i see him. i think my F has a sitka top, but i have never talked to robb about it. i need to get in touch with him cause i would like to see if i could get an elkhorn engraved tailpiece for mine. maybe i can get some more info on it then. i'll stay in touch...jeff
  4. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    Hey Jeff,
    What kind of strings are you using on #4? Robb had suggested GHS strings, which I used at first, then I tried out the Sam Bush Monels (which I liked), but then went on to D'Addario strings. I think I have settled on the J-75s. That's all I've used for the past 4 to 6 months at least (w/ som EXP-75s when I've got alot of gigs in a row coming up). I know there is a fella over in Atlanta that ordered a F-5 w/ an adi top, it'd be cool to pick a time and place and get these three together. I'd really like to see the difference between an early mando and a more current one. Mine is a great mando, but I bet the newer ones are even better.

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