Peter Oshtroushko lessons

  1. DougC
    I just got back from a workshop and concert by Peter Ostroushko in downtown Minneapolis. The occasion marks the start of his association with MacPhail Center for Music. He is now on the staff as an instructor and is taking new students. I assume you can learn just about any style on mandolin and/or fiddle, at a reasonable rate. I think it will be around $34 for a half hour lesson, but you'd better check with the front desk. It's a great opportunity for us here in Minnesota.
    BTW My wife has been working on these classical / jazz 'stiffs' to get a folk department going in the land of Prairie Home Companion for a number of years. So this is a big change for them. She has taught there for nearly 25 years. Also Peter's daughter studied there and Peter himself had a few semesters with a teacher there.
    So hurray! And tell them to expand the department. Their web address is
  2. sloanypal
    I have my first mandolin lesson with Peter tonight. He has openings starting in the summer session mid June. He's there every Wed. night. Lessons are $40 for a half hour or $80 for an hour. What a great opportunity! I have an agenda of what I'd like to work on, but really anything Peter wants to teach me will be fine!
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