italian mandolinists

  1. billkilpatrick
    dove siete? ...

    - bill (toscana)
  2. Susanne
    That's the question. It would be interesting to know some of them, since I'm a lover of Italy, Italian language and Italian music... by the way where is it that you live? I was in Italy a few weeks ago and will go back next summer. Maybe a little trip this autumn too.
  3. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Hello Susi,
    are you flying or driving?
    I am located about halfway on your route down south. It would be fun if you could stop in southern Germany!
  4. Mario D'Orrico
    Mario D'Orrico
    Eccomi sono qui!!!! (I'm here!!!)
    I come from Cosenza, Italy. Nice to join in this group.
  5. billkilpatrick
    ciao mario! vengo da sarteano, prov. di siena in toscana. saluti - bill
  6. Susanne
    Manfred, sorry for a late reply. I think (so far) we'll be driving. Not sure we'll take the road through Germany though.
    Mario, Cosenza is quite far south, isn't it? We're going to Puglia - I'm looking for some music festivals with lots of organetto
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