Mando tasting in Shelton...

  1. Nolan
    Hey guys and gals!
    I want to do another mandolin tasting this coming May at Bluegrass From the Forest in Shelton. Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper will be the headlining band and I'm hoping Jesse Brock will be available to be the official "Taster".
    Anyone have any suggestions as to things we could do better this year or new things to try?

    Did you all like the room we had it in last year? We might have the option of using the large auditorium... would that be better? The room last year was purely acoustic and the auditorium could be either acoustic or we could use a mic... which might be cool just to get a different take on the mandolins.

    Would it be better to focus on a few instruments instead of a bunch?

    Another option we've kicked around is having a question/answer time with some of the areas top builders either in conjunction with the tasting or seperately. Opinions? Anyone interested in coming to this again?
  2. Nolan
    Hey everybody! The mando tasting has been offically scheduled for May 15 (Sat) @11:00am at the Shelton High School performing arts center in the choir room, same place as last year. I'll keep you all posted as we have new developments. The tasting is a just one part of the Bluegrass from the Forest festival that is happening there that weekend.
  3. Nolan
    I got a little update on the tasting... Jesse Brock said he'd be glad to be our taster! Depending on the festival schedule, we're going to try to also get Michael Cleveland at the tasting too.
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