Introduce yourself here!

  1. Goodin
    To my surprise there is not already a social group about Virzi's, so I started one!

    Introduce yourself here: How you came to appreciate the Virzi, what mandolin you have with a Virzi, your thoughts on tone, etc. I'll start...

    I recently acquired a 1924 Gibson F-2 with a Virzi not knowing what to expect since I had not played a mandolin with a Virzi before. (I had however played several F-2's and F-4's). I was immediately impressed with the warm, complex tone. I played it for hours the first day and the tone was like angels whispering in my ears!
  2. tcraft
    howdy all,my name marc and i,am a new mandolin player.I thinking of building a Rodger Siminoff f4 .How would a virzi sound with the f4.
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