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You've Got Mail!

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Looking to increase your knowledge of what's out there in the retail arena in the stringed instrument community? Ever wonder why we have access to a lot of information you read about here first? Do what we do and subscribe to the e-mailing lists of some of the top vendors in the industry. Most of these are infrequent with a weekly mailing being about as aggressive as they get. All have an opt-out link (or should!) in case it becomes too much for you.

Here's who we keep on top of and how we find out more of what's going on in the area of new and used instruments, deals on strings, new publications, new recordings and much more.

Mailing list links where you can subscribe:

That's just some of the favorites we're subscribed to, and we tend to pay more attention to our business partners. What we didn't include were those from record labels (less reliably mandolin related) and a few individuals acting as promotional agents. The latter often provide tedious, over-the-top praise but still contain information.

That's our list. Who's on yours that we missed? Share the name and a link if you please.

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Updated Oct-30-2013 at 12:54pm by Scott Tichenor

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  1. Marcelyn's Avatar
    Thanks Scott. Jake Wildwood is a smaller vender than those listed above, but I find his Antebellum Instrument newsletter to be a great education in all sorts of vintage instruments and a fun read.