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fred d

bluegrass jams????

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In the last couple years my wife and I have attended at least a 14-15 different jams bluegrass? Most say that they welcome beginers and new people???? YA well I play at least a dozen songs and sing them, by memory and a couple single string. My wife playes tenor banjo we have been told that the tenor does't go with blue grass OK so I tuned A 5 string like a tenor and lowered the 5th so she didn't hit it ! and she is asked to play and encourged to try a break! But I"m trying to play my mandolin? and I'm not the best or worst, AND NOT! Ok at a middle coffie break I was informed that the! Mandolin place was to play Chops at the 2-4 beat? even thou the other 2 mandolins were not doing that? For the last year that's what I have been doing, But it seen I'm the only mandolin doing it? And all the other people there are ask to take breaks but me! Even my wife! I'm not (do I smell bad play that bad? bad breath?) I have tryed to take my turn and play a songs, like Hot corn cold corn, Amazing grace. I'll fly away, Fly around my pretty little miss and others? With a blank response not even trying to play along? These are easy songs what I'm I doing wrong? Maybe I should quit burn my instruments? SELL THEM I'm at a complet stop maybe thet Just Quit, Mayby they just don't like Me, I don't know what NOW fred

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