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Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

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Received our first sample of a ball cap we're having made for the Cafe. We like it. Will order a few to give away to some friends and possibly some to sell as well. Web address will be on the back.

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  1. JEStanek's Avatar
    I love the binding on the headstock! Those look good and distinctive. It could rival my only other instrument hat I got from The Dude (which is the closest I'll get to owning a Dude).

  2. Jonathan James's Avatar
    I'd buy one for sure!
  3. dulcillini's Avatar
    Great looking hat. Can't wait to order one.

    Michael A Harris
  4. Ken Olmstead's Avatar
    Can I be your friend?
  5. MikeEdgerton's Avatar
    I think I'd look good in one of those
  6. lpenning's Avatar
    you know, for the "scroll deprived"?

    just kidding....

  7. Potosimando's Avatar
    If it comes about that you offer a few basic options on the cap, then I would buy one either with an A-model headstock (snakehead), or with no headstock at all.
  8. Kirk Albrecht's Avatar
    Ooh, that's looking nice, Scott. Make sure you get enough made up, 'cause they're sure to be popular.

    Mark me down for one!
  9. Dragonflyeye's Avatar
    Nice! Does it have a snap adjustment in the back?
  10. monk's Avatar
    When you sell...I want to buy one. They look great...and I love the color.
  11. andymando's Avatar
    I'm ready for one, too... where do I send the money? :-)
  12. Dale Ludewig's Avatar
    Who's making them? Adams? Are they lined with mesh? Will I get rich if I play with one on?

    Seriously, Scott- what do you think the price will be? I'm a cap goof and can slip this into the house................

  13. Al Hagensen's Avatar
    Hey Scott,Sign me up for at least one!
  14. Rob Powell's Avatar
    I'd buy one...

    BTW, Jamie....I have a Dude peg winder. I love to tell everyone there's a Dudenbostel in the case ;-)
  15. Terry Alford's Avatar
    Emailing in from Wintergrass:

    The bare skin on the back of my bald head shows through the hole in the back of adjustable hats! I prefer sized hats or the "Flexfit" kind with no hole.
  16. Terry Alford's Avatar
    Oh! and I like the hat. Put them on sale. I'd love one!
  17. BBarton's Avatar
    Cool! Are you also planning to do some with the horizontal peghead logo design?
  18. Scott Tichenor's Avatar
    To answer some questions, these will be made in Kansas City by a small shop run by someone on the board of directors of an acoustic music magazine. We have some experience with this person and know the owner personally and they do great quality work.

    No plans to do any other design other than what's shown.

    These do not have mesh, more of a soft material with an adjustable band. Will have stitched on the back over the (for lack of the appropriate term) pony tail hole. What are those called! Don't know.

    No price yet but it'll be a middle of the road price for a hat. Just trying to cover my costs. I learned long ago you don't make money selling t-shirts and items of this nature over the web.
  19. Michael Butler's Avatar
    I would love to buy one!
  20. brunello97's Avatar
    Count me in, Scott. Big kudos for the effort.

  21. Steevarino's Avatar
    I want one too!!! Plus, I am thinking about offering a MCCDS service, which, of course, stands for Mandolin Cafe Cap Distressing Service. Once I see what the price of these caps will be, I will beat the life out of them, and offer them for two to three times that price. You will look like more of a seasoned player, and you know it will make them sound better too!

  22. Brian Court's Avatar
    Count me in
  23. Shane Halloran's Avatar
    I will chuck my hand in the air for one too.... and fly the flag down here in OZ.
  24. Charles E.'s Avatar
    With those we can recognize members at festivals, now we just need a secret handshake!
    count me in for one.

  25. Karen Newell's Avatar
    We're in
    Richard and Karen
  26. Gerry Cassidy's Avatar

    I collect hats and this one would be a great addition to the collection... would probably get a quite of bit of 'Wear Time' as well!
  27. Dale Ludewig's Avatar
    I'm in! Let us know when they're available.
  28. bmm5255's Avatar
    I will buy a couple just as pictured. Just let me know when they are available and how much.

  29. jaco's Avatar
    Count me in. Great job.
  30. Frank Johnson's Avatar
    If you decide to get enough to sell I'm in.

    Looks like it has an extra long bill.... does it?

    Depending on the price I'll need one for fishin and one for dress up!
  31. Scott Tichenor's Avatar
    The cap bill is normal size. It's just the angle I shot that at.
  32. Steve-o's Avatar
    Nice hat! Count me in too Scott.
  33. Florida croaker's Avatar

    Count me in for one.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Ken Diemer
  34. Kip Welty's Avatar
    Love it. I think a lefty should have one to "round out" your wearers.

    Pick me for the test drive.
  35. yoshka's Avatar
    Nice look! I would definitely order one.
  36. frankmsu's Avatar
    I definitely want one!
  37. Trey Young's Avatar
    count on another order when they're ready.
  38. Elliot Luber's Avatar
    Looks great. I'll have to wear it instead of my The hat.
  39. Keith Newell's Avatar
    I would wear one for sure. Let us know when we can get one Scott.
  40. Dennis Ladd's Avatar
    I hate "me too" responses, but:

    Me too.
  41. Big Joe's Avatar
    Put me on the list, Scott. My poor bald head is getting cold! It's needs help!
  42. Marc Berman's Avatar
    I'll take two if and when they are available.
  43. Jim Sullivan's Avatar
    Hey Scott I'm a sucker for caps but this one is a hit out of the park Count me in for sure. Jim Sully
  44. John Uhrig's Avatar
    I'm in for at least one
  45. Don Christy's Avatar
    I would love to have at least one.
  46. knotahab's Avatar
    It's a great looking cap. I'll take two please!
  47. crazymandolinist's Avatar
    As soon as I can get one of those in brown I'm ordering one for sure!
  48. Mando Newby's Avatar
    I love the hat, but is the bill as big as it looks in the picture? It looks huge!
  49. Bill Snyder's Avatar
    All you folks with a head full of hair to the end of the line.
  50. Tim Pike's Avatar
    Very Nice Scott, I would buy one too.
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