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New Mandolin

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I've finally committed to buying The Mandolin, deposit cheque for 1500 going off in the morning. Scary given that's the most I'd ever paid for an instrument in the past (cello,& case). This one will come in at 4,000 and be pretty unique.

I decided against anything conventional or what others normally view as an ideal. It will be two point, 32mm wide nut with the courses offset towards the bass side to allow for my fat fingers. No truss rod, instead it will have a 3mm carbon fibre seam running through the neck. There will be no end pin etc. as it is being built specifically for how I play, with lightness and responsiveness being paramount, I'm having it optimised for use with light to medium strings.

Single piece curley maple back, neck and single piece sides finished in gunstock oil. Waverley tuners in satin silver with black buttons, and a matching engraved James tailpiece and black nut are the nearest it gets to having any bling. I'll outline the build as it progresses over the next nine months. Exciting times ahead.

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  1. Ron McMillan's Avatar
    Maybe I missed an earlier discussion about the mandolin concerned?

    Good luck with your order. I'd like to learn more
  2. Beanzy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron McMillan
    Maybe I missed an earlier discussion about the mandolin concerned?

    Good luck with your order. I'd like to learn more
    Thanks Ron, I've been muttering about it in random posts every now and then since about 2012, but haven't been in a position to really go for it until now, as much through trying to decide what matters for what I want to play on the mandolin and how to design solutions for my chubby hands.

    I'm getting Phil Davidson to make it and he's been very accommodating and creative with incorporating my ideas into something practical to build.

    Pic of the only physical reality yet
  3. Beanzy's Avatar
    Well we're underway with the woodwork;
    Single piece maple back and two piece Swiss pine front.

    Rim in single piece from point to point.

    Updated Jul-09-2016 at 10:56am by Beanzy
  4. Beanzy's Avatar
    Carbon fibre splice dressed with mahogany in maple neck
    Updated Jul-09-2016 at 11:13am by Beanzy
  5. Beanzy's Avatar
    Top underway.

    Updated Jul-09-2016 at 11:15am by Beanzy
  6. Beanzy's Avatar

    Updated Jul-09-2016 at 10:53am by Beanzy