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Mid Missouri Mandolin

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I acquired a Mid Missouri mandolin a few years back and am now getting back to getting into it again. Question: When I play the the 1st (top) fret (on all strings), I don't seem to be able to make as clear a tone as on the other places. Is this a player fault or is this an idiosyncrasy the first fret and requires a firmer placement of fingers. I am playing pretty firm. It is very frustrating!!!
Also I am wondering about a comparison between the Mid Missouri instrument and a more traditional instrument, ie. F hole instrument. Is one more desirable than the other or does it make any difference.

Thanks, M Foster

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  1. JEStanek's Avatar
    You may need a set up and have the nut and or neck adjusted.
  2. multidon's Avatar
    Instead of starting a blog you probably would have done better to ask these questions in the General section of the forum. Way more people read that.

    Sounds to me like the nut needs adjusting so I would take it to a music shop with a repairman who is familiar with mandolin set up. Then it can play its best.

    The Mid Missouri is a high quality USA made flat top oval hole made by Mike Dulak. He is presently making the same mandolins under the Big Muddy name. They are an excellent choice for Celtic, Old Time, and even Classical music. For Bluegrass you want a carved top with f holes for the added "punch".