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Michael Bridges

Out of the Woodshed!

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Haven't posted here in a loooooong time, guess I didn't have anything worth saying
The time has finally come, I got talked into getting out and actually playing with other people. There's a large jam every Tuesday in Marietta, right down the road from me.
Ran into a new picker who just bought a JBovier like mine on the Cafe, and find out he's going down there. I agreed to meet up this Tuesday, and we'll see how it goes!
Have to say, I haven't played music in front of people in 25+ yrs., and never on mandolin.I'm a lot more nervous than I probably should be.I've performed at times, in front of literally thousands of people, but that was when I was younger, and totally confident in what I was doing. This is like starting all over.(guess that's part of the fun). I've always said, you know you're ready to play publicly, when you make a mistake, and instead of freezing up or hanging your head, you just laugh it off and keep playing. I hope I'm back to that point!
I know that to progress further, I really need to be playing with other pickers, just this first time is making me sweat.
Oh well, nothing to it but to do it. If I don't make TOO big a fool out of myself, my Tuesdays may be scheduled for a while!

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  1. Mark Wilson's Avatar
    I've been playing a year. Recently did a large group for the first time. The thing that threw me was how hard it was to hear myself with all that going on. I found myself playing too hard which created a lttile unnecessary tension. I played a lot of rhythm on songs I didn't know and in keys I'd never played. And learned a lot. I didn't play any breaks tho. Setting in on a small group for first time this weekend.

    Best of luck! Sounds like fun to me
  2. Caleb's Avatar
    Great job for getting out and playing, Michael.