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Status of the Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

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A quick update on the status of the Mandolin Cafe ball caps we offer from time to time. We'd been telling people January, 2014 but missed the deadline and then some.

First, we decided to move on from our previous supplier for reasons that don't need to be discussed. That meant a new stitching template from scratch and locating a new source of raw product (hats). We were looking for better quality, more appropriate size (there were issues with the last 2013 batch running small), and we wanted to create our first model in black. Mission accomplished. The search was exhaustive, time consuming and tedious but we found a product we really like and are excited about.

Well, almost. Now we need to order. See below:

This is the final sample after going back and forth on design issues for close to two months. Seems like it should be simple but we were fussy. Actually, Missus Mandolin Cafe who is a career graphic designer took care of that part of the business and she did a great job!

Next up, we'll be placing a large order in the next few weeks once we iron out a few remaining minor details. No promises but we're guessing March 15 with possibly our first shipping dates somewhere within a week either way.

We think this is a far superior product than what we previously offered (and we liked those!). We like the stitched logo better (the headstock is a little larger) and the cap material is more in line with a high quality major league baseball cap. Not a distressed canvas like the last, but more of a substantial feel, heavier, a *great* buckle in back that speaks quality. Back of cap will have as the previous ones. Only color for this order is black so there are no other colors available at this time. Once we experience a full shipment then we may look at other colors based on sales.

More good news: we'll be able to keep the prices in the same range as before. Stay tuned and watch the home page for an announcement when they're available.

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  1. wreded's Avatar
    My black "Sunday go to meeting" cap is fine. My daily khaki though is in need of replacement. i think there's only one more wash left in it.
  2. JeffD's Avatar
    That is a great looking cap. Let me be the first to recite the obvious Henry Ford quote: "You can have any color you want, as long as you want black."

    I am not going to be able to avoid this purchase.
  3. Ben Cooper's Avatar
    No way to not get one of those!
  4. Dale Pauline's Avatar
    I need a black one!
  5. Jim Kirkland's Avatar
    I am ready. My red and khaki needs a new brother.
  6. dubblestop's Avatar
    My Big Head (no, not due to my insignificant mandolin is genetic!) made my old red one look too small (goofy actually)! Can't wait to order this new one. Black is my favorite color.......especially now that it is only available in black.
  7. Ryk Loske's Avatar
    There's a hat in the photo ???
  8. Gregory Tidwell's Avatar
    Now I want a beer.
  9. jimmy powells's Avatar
    I'd love a Mandolin Cafe hat but I HATE black anything. Clothes, shirts, shoes, hats.
    Black is a negative in my book but I must be in the minority because lots of people wear everything black. I don't even like black mandolins yet my first A model was black and at the time (1974) I did like it.

  10. trbellinger's Avatar
    Holding out for red or khaki!
  11. Ben Cooper's Avatar
    Can hardly wait!!!!!!! Will be ordering as soon as they can be ordered!
  12. pit lenz's Avatar
    Does it come with a beer and a pair of bare feet as depicted?