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Hey there, everyone!
It's me again, the fool. I'm still looking for a mandolin. When I say that, I mean THE mandolin. I'm not really looking to play for people, just for my personal enjoyment, and maybe a few jam sessions with friends. My dream would be an f-style mandolin around $400 that is at least mid-quality. I like the sound of an f-style, but I could settle for an a-style too.

I'm cut off from much mandolin community (or was, before this website), and I have very few people to advise me.

Once again, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Rissa's Avatar
    I was looking at lower end Loar and Kentucky models. But The Mandolin Store had a sale on the Loar LM520vs and I went for it. It's a little more than what you want to spend ($500), but it's a step up in quality. Yes, I read you can get an A-style cheaper, but I really wanted an F-style. But I also didn't want to spend $700-800 on an instrument for a newbie. For an F-style around $400, you're probably going to have to look for a used model and pay for a good set-up. The key, from what you'll probably read around here, is the professional set-up. Good luck, and I hope you find a good mando!